Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Treasure These Times with Grandkids

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I Treasure These Times with Grandkids

I did a “grandpa thing” last night.  What fun!  I went to a movie with my grandson Clifford. We went to the new “Wolverine” show.

As I sat in the dark theatre beside this young man, now much taller than me and very strong, I did some reflecting back to just a few years ago.

My first contact was just after we rushed from Regina, Sask. by car to get to the hospital when he where he was to enter this world.  We thought we could have made it and been there for his birth – but he decided to come a little earlier.  We were driving through Minnesota when he made it known he was going to be arriving soon.  As we went through Illinois and then over to Michigan we called his Dad and Mom’s telephone number about every two hours.  His Dad called in a new updating message every time something new was happening.  And then just as we were to leave Michigan and come into Ontario Clifford made his grand entrance.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear that my VERY FIRST GRANDCHILD had arrived.  I couldn’t wait to get up to the hospital to see him.

Clifford was HUGE!  To hear his Mom tell it you would think she had delivered a Baby Elephant!  But at over 9 pounds and slightly under 10 – HE WAS BIGGER THAN ANY OTHER BABY IN THE NURSERY.

The next time we came back to Ontario he was more than walking. He was getting into everything he could.  I took him for a walk with a harness on… strapped into a controlling harness I had the leash hooked to his back. We were outside the restaurant and he climbed on everything that he could… up the walkway, up on the cement rail, around the flower beds… and he kept moving.  What a powerful little boy. I was so proud… I wanted to shout out to every person walking by, “This is my Grandson Clifford – he is amazing!”

Last night I thought about every contact and thing that I had done with Clifford over these years.

As we sat talking about this past week he said something to my wife and me that was kind of earth moving… “I had been thinking about buying motorcycle.  But after this accident this past Tuesday I know that I would have been hurt very badly or maybe even dead… I am not going to get a motorcycle.”

I agreed heartily with his deduction.

Last night I sat beside a Man.  He is no longer little, no longer young… he is a Man.  I treasure these times with my Grandsons – all 5 of them. Soon a beautiful young lady will enter into to the mix and well… Grandpa-s will not likely get much of the young men’s lives.

I treasure these times for sure.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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