Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fairy Houses and the Fairy Village at the Peterborough Square

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Fairy Houses and the Fairy Village at the Peterborough Square

The little boy’s eyes lit up as he peered over the edge of the table.  All I could see from my side of the table was his big bright eyes and the top of his head as he looked into the Fairy Village.  His mommy responded, “Just look, don’t touch.”

I assured his mom that, “It was all touchable for the kids.”  She smiled…

I was at the Peterborough Square Mall on Wednesday again with my display of wood carvings and this last few weeks I have been showing off my Fairy Houses and Fairy Villages.  My best audience is the kids that come by with their parents.  They can see things that parents often walk by with little thought.

Today I want to show you my new set of photos for the Fairy Houses. Hopefully someone else will be inspired to build a Fairy House and perhaps even create Fairy Villages.  If you are the one that will do that – you will be responsible for setting on fire and lighting up and imagination in “little people”.  But fare warning… the “little people” are not always children. My first big customer was a man that was a retired school teacher that decided to build a Fairy Village in his backyard (for his grandkids I think).

May imagination live forever and forever.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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