Sunday, July 14, 2013

Working hard to get the yard free of weeds

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Working hard to get the yard free of weeds

This summer has been busy with a number of weddings and many Shows/Demonstrations that I have been doing.  Add to that the heat and the rain from time to time – AND WE HAVE WEEDS growing – tall and strong.  WOW! I couldn’t believe it yesterday as I began working on the straggly critters.

We have a small patio that is built around the large tree in our backyard. The tree is dead now and waiting for me to either cut it down further or carve on in.

That patio area was my main focus yesterday morning.  I began pulling weeds!  Talk about insane!!

Some of the little ones were very easy to pull and get rid of… BUT it was their big brothers that had not been dealt with for weeks on end that had grown HUGE!  Some were approaching epic proportions and started moving the cement slabs that makes the patio. Some would not come out at all but rather broke off with their main root still in place and ready to come back when my back gets turned toward them. At times it took 15 minutes to dig out some roots!!

I began to think that this is a super illustration for life in general.

Let a Habit get going… let it become more entrenched and more a part of your life… and it will not easily be removed.  Let a “small sin” become a regular thing in your life and eventually it will destroy you entirely.

As I dug away at the roots and pulled with all my strength of each one… even using a sharp blade to pry away at the thing to raise it to the surface… it took a lot of effort.

If only I would have been weeding all along… not missing a day or week at a time… the weeds would be easy to pick.

It is clean now… only the dirt that came up with the weed’s stem is showing as evidence to what was there.

Oh boy… in my life I need to weed a few things out as well.  That time in the garden was a good lesson for me.  I am making my lists now of the weed problems in life generally and that list is growing.

I can hear them starting over again in our backyard… sheesh!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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