Sunday, July 7, 2013

Prayers for the people of Lac Megantic, Quebec today

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Prayers for the people of Lac Megantic, Quebec today

There are so many questions in my mind today… after watching the horrific scenes in Lac Megantic, Que.  At the moment I am typing there has been 5 confirmed dead… but there may be around 40 that could be on a growing list.

The Quebec Coroner’s Office official stated that it may be possible that some bodies could never be found – because of the intense heat and fire.

It was 1:00 AM on Saturday morning that the first explosions began. Fire balls erupted from the rail oil cars that had left the track.  At the time it happened from what I gather there were people in the downtown core of this small community, some in the café and others perhaps just outside.

Lac Megantic, Que. is part of the vacationing world of the northern USA and also of southern Quebec. It is situated just west of Sherbrook, Que… and not far from the border with the USA.

In my earlier days I spent time here with friends from Sherbrook.  It is a wonderful, fun filled area. But now it is suffering terribly with not knowing what is taking place – and where some of their folk may be. Are there grandchildren or children in that horrible mess of the burned downtown?

I can only imagine what the folk living there and/or the folk living other places are feeling right now. Not knowing is almost worse than hearing the final report. But how can anyone evaluate this kind of thing – or know what they are going through?

My prayers are with these folks today.  God keep them close to himself.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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