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The Art of Keeping Telomeres from Fraying and Losing crucial information

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The Art of Keeping Telomeres from Fraying and Losing crucial information

So how are your ‘telomeres’ doing? Mine seem okay so far but now I have something else to worry about.  How about you?

‘You never heard of Telomeres?’ you say… well no wonder you are becoming miserable old toad!

We were at a wedding recently where my wife and I sat not far from a guy that was about our age.  Conversation was intermittent with the old guy.  And most everything that we talked about was the old days.  Conversation also included the common aches and pains that we all seem to have.  In one comment the old guy stated that he would never do something because that was “for the younger generation”.  Nothing we talked about seemed to convince this man that it could be fun.  He has grown old too soon.

My wife’s comment later about our conversation was, “That poor guy is really old… but he is younger than I am!”

Aging is a problem for most of the folk that I know. I hang around old people too much.  The reason being is that we are about the same age… and we find each other in crowds – like a wedding or a restaurant.  The colour of our hair, the way we walk and the perhaps even the way that we dress shouts to others that we are “OLD!”

In another setting the old gal sitting across from me startled the rest of her friends by stating flatly, “I don’t know why I woke up this morning!  I have lived too long and wish I was dead!!”  None of us knew what to say to her adamant attitude. She was old and didn’t want to live any longer. She explained that at 97 and soon to be 98 she had outlived all her friends and now many younger than she was were dead as well.

It was two weeks later that Marg died… and got her request to not be alive any longer.  As well all sat thinking about Marg after the information was settling into our psyche… one person said, “I miss Marg…”

Marg had lived along time and her body was now too frail to allow her to do anything meaningful – in her mind.  What she valued the most was activity – but now at 97 she could do little.

Why talk about these two rather depressing people and their attitudes?

Well according to the article that the Globe and Mail published a little bit ago, telomeres are the problem.  Actually the problem is what has happened to our telomeres – then break off, fall off, disappear… and they are associated with our body’s ability to refresh or replace its cell structure that starts to fade with time.

When we are young the cells we lose are replaced with new ones… but as we age the cells simply are not replaced because of telomeres being shortened.

Now in case you think I am a scientific genius – or know lots about this ‘telomere stuff’ – I do not! And I am not a SG… but I read lots.

Here is the quote from the Globe and Mail article of June 22, 2013 – “How science plans to help us live to 150 – and soon”

Quote… “It involves telomeres – which, if you haven’t had to think about this yet, are tiny structures at the ends of your chromosomes that keep them from fraying and losing crucial bits of genetic information. What interests researchers who study aging is that when cells divide, their telomeres get shorter. Once they get too short, cells stops dividing and may die. Played out across the whole body, there’s mounting evidence that shorter telomeres translate into increased susceptibility to diseases and the gradual wearing out of tissues that is the hallmark of old age.” End quote

Sorry about this post in advance… now you are going to get even older today as every joint will hurt a little more, every wrinkle will look a little more exaggerated… specially for all my old friends that will be looking into this Blog post.

I haven’t got time to get old… specially today. In a half hour from now I have to be on the road to Lang Pioneer Village where I will be meeting hundreds of new people… and loving it!

Gotta run… I am too young to be old today… tomorrow I might feel it… but for today the telomeres look good… yahoo! Gotta – Git r did!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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