Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3D Street Art and the “Coloured Chalk Man”

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3D Street Art and the “Coloured Chalk Man”

Remember when you were young and doing stuff on the sidewalk was fun. In my case the sidewalk was made of wood… and it burned easily with a magnifying glass.  It was my first pyrography work… and also my first experiments using the sun shine to make a picture.

Well today I take my hat off to some amazing artists and to one man they call the “Coloured Chalk Man”. I searched for his name but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. (Anyone help me on this one?)

On YouTube you can find more 3D street art as it is called.  check out this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SNYtd0Ayt0

But here is a sample of “Coloured Chalk Man’s” work… enjoy and be amazed along with me. This is 10 or the 20 I found to date.



~ Murray Lincoln ~

For your inspection

Digital Image from Misty Hollow

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Jessika Van Spronsen said...

His name is Julian Beever, very talented artist!

Jessika Van Spronsen said...

I had sent this comment earlier, but you may not have gotten it. The Artists name is Julian Beever. He is one of Sam's favourite artists. He does amazing work, and a lot for charity!