Monday, July 8, 2013

SuperAntiSpyware – works great!

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 SuperAntiSpyware – works great!

“The stupid computer is driving me nuts!” my statement of last week… and starting today off. Argghhhh!!

It seemed that every program I opened there was a pop up window offering me something that I did not need. Then some of the offers started to look a wee bit risqué! Oh boy!  Grandkids shouldn’t be seeing some of the stuff that is popping up now.

It seems that one of the problems was a nasty little ride along program that came attached to something I installed – called “Supreme Savings”.  It falls under the title of Spyware.  It was the one that I noticed in a small offer pop up.

One the internet I found dozens of Spyware removers – some free and some costing.

Downloading one called “SuperAnitSpyware”  ( ) – the free edition first – did the trick.  They offer a number of  versions that look real good. I am considering stepping up to the full edition to help protect my computer.  And if the full versions works as well as the free edition – this is a bargain.

How many Spyware bits and pieces did I have?  It was around 450 or so…!!!

Some of the ones discovered send information on to a Web Site that let them know what I was looking at… then assumed that my interest might be in a certain area. Ouch!  Some of it had to do with my age and my gender – I am older and need a date – but for some reason the Spyware assumed that I was a Woman looking for a Guy. DUH!

Anyway it is so squeaky clean now that it flies through the stuff I get it to do!

Thanks SuperAntiSpyware!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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