Tuesday, July 30, 2013

GMAIL – Whiz. Bing. Bang. WOW!

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GMAIL – Whiz.  Bing.  Bang. WOW!

All of a sudden everything went quiet in my “email world”. I was receiving less than three per day and then nothing…!?  What in the world happened?  Has everyone gone on holidays or what?

My primary email is GMAIL.  I stopped using the local, server provided email when travel became part of my life again. When I traveled out of the province and/or country using a local, server connected email it was difficult a few years back.(It may have changed now…)

But GMAIL has offered the best and smoothest way to use email.  With minor changes being made now and again it was still very stable and very clean – compared to other email providers. I had tried three of the most popular email programs but always found difficulties using the programs – often times they were easily hacked into.

Why no emails?  GMAIL has changed… oh boy!

GMAIL now has Tabs or Files that hold my different kinds of email. And now GMAIL makes a decision as to where to put the emails that I get – before I open the program!  Wahoo!

Up to now they have been graciously separating the SPAM emails from the ones that I want.  Now they separate out Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums – all into the different categories.  Bingo – it is done.

What an amazing addition to the working of email!  Brilliant!  Thank you GMAIL!

But whoa!  All the quiet time wasn’t so quiet.  There were about 250 emails to sort through in all the different categories.

With the “select all” feature added to the “delete” – bingo – they are all gone quickly and without any fuss!

GMAIL Folks – thank you!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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