Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting a little help from a Toddler – buy a car

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Getting a little help from a Toddler – buy a car

My friend Jessika had a surprize after her son deleted her friends contacts from her Cell Phone. It was funny reading what Jessika wrote. While sitting in the Medical Office waiting for her appointment her son nuked a friend.

But the account that I just read about the 14 month old that bought a car online – on her dad’s smart phone… kind puts a new perspective on it all. She was also playing with her dad’s phone when it happened.

Her dad found out after he received a confirmation email that the car was his.

Hokey Mokey!  What would you do if it happened to you?

Fortunately the car that was bought was a cheap – a real “fixer upper”. And the parents have decided to keep it to fix it up for her 16th Birthday!  Won’t that be a story for the family to tell over the years – and the evidence will be in the driveway!?!

Now I just had a simple idea that might just work… with my wife that is.  I will set up my cell phone so that it is on an auction site as well.  Then I will find a toddler that can actually “play with my phone” for a few minutes… then if I am lucky maybe the little imp will push the right buttons and bingo I will have that 1925 Model T Ford (the same one that I started with)!!!

When my wife complains I can, “blame it on the little kid.”

Hmmm? Maybe that will work??!

Take a look at the story it is cute. “Toddler accidentally buys car…

You gotta love the smart phone – and a helpful toddler!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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