Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Give your Life and Big Hug

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Give your Life and Big Hug

I heard her side of the story. I heard his side of the story as well.  Both told their stories at different times. It is not the same story.  Simple conclusion but easily arrived at.  Both people have a strong opinion about what did and didn’t happen.

Two very different views to say the least.

Here is a video of an impossible marriage.  A guy is driving the car and his wife is throwing a tantrum because he will not take her to Lake and take of out on the water. He doesn’t have time nor do they have the money… as he explains it to his screaming wife.  At least that is what I get from the video of this stupid woman(or guy who dares to take it).

The video was published on July 22, 2013 – 2 days ago. This morning it has had 562,296 people view it so far.

During the fight and her carrying on you will see her take her cell phone and begin Texting her friends because of the awful person her husband is… NO KIDDING!

As I watched this one it completely described what I have faced with other couples.

I can say one really important thing. “God I am so glad I married who I did!”

Watch the video and then shake your head over and over again… then give the life you live a big hug!  No not a word or typing problem – I did say LIFE – you could hug your spouse too if you want!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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