Friday, July 5, 2013

The Slovak Folk Crafts Shop and an amazing carving.

Misty Hollow Carving and Misty Hollow Digital Images
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The Slovak Folk Crafts Shop and an amazing carving.

Tada – another super wood carving that is stirring my thinking.

Because many of you will never be able to travel to Pennsylvania or Grove City I present an amazing carving today. Viewing this video and also ogling the photo I want to get closer!!  It is added to my ‘Bucket List’ now.

The carving is 17 feet long and 8 feet high. The thing that makes it unusual is the fact that it is also animated using Windshield Wiper motors.  Carving something so grandiose is one thing – 17 x 8 feet of detailed carving is one thing – but making it hollow and with moving parts is another!  Wow!

Here is the photo of the set up.

Now what can I do.  My backyard is going to be filled with carvings shortly… but can they be animated? Grandpa’s imagination is running wild.


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