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Two Young Ladies Kidnapped by spiritual husbands – contact me

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Two Young Ladies Kidnapped by spiritual husbands – contact me

I have four friends that are suffering now.  Their daughters are gone.  They have been taken by “ABUSERS”.

Both girls now would be in their 40s, the same as our daughters.  Both girls fell in love with guys that are ‘spiritual’.. you know they read the Bible and even preach in churches from time to time – kind of a ‘wannabe’ pastor.  In fact both attended Bible Colleges.

Both of these buys are first class jerks… yet they think of themselves as super spiritual and wonderful guys.

Not long after they were married the guys both insisted that their new wives leave their parents and have nothing to do with their families forever.  Grandchildren were born and at this stage in life they will be graduating from Elementary and maybe even High School.  But my friends will never be able to see their grandchildren at these very important times in their lives.

I can see the wives of these monsters listening to the stupid husbands… but what do the kids know?  How do they react?  Will there be a day when they would like to know their mom’s parents?  I think that will happen.

In one case recently the granddaughter contacted me and asked if I knew where her grandparents were located.  This was another young lady that had her family ripped in pieces because of her father’s abuse. I can tell you that she has started connecting with her grandmother now.

Why do men do these kinds of things to their wives?

Doing a search about abuse and abusers I found the following…


An abuser is typically (Found here)

1. Charming.

Initially, he showers his woman with praise, adoration, and attention. His courtship is sweet and intense filled with phrases such as, “I can’t live without you.” He quickly pushes for an exclusive relationship or engagement.

2. Jealous.

He views other men as a threat to the relationship and accuses you of flirting with everyone from his brother to the mailman. “I know you are looking at him.” The irony is that he often is the one who is cheating.

3. Manipulative.

This man is very intelligent. He knows how to detect your weak spots, and he uses your vulnerability and past pain to his advantage. “You were abused as a kid because you are so ugly.”

4. Controlling.

He wants to know where you are going and who you are with at all times. He may check the mileage on your car or follow you to the grocery store. He often refuses to allow you to workbecause you might “meet someone.”

5. A Victim.

His poor choices are everyone else’s fault. When he loses his job, gets into a fight, or a business deal falls through, it’s always because of the other person. He is never at fault. “You make me hit you.”

6. Narcissistic.

The whole world revolves around him. As the “little woman who is beneath him,” it is your job to meet his every need. He is the master; you are the unworthy slave. It’s invigorating for him to know that everyone around him “walks on eggshells.”

7. Inconsistent.

Mood swings are a common trait for an abuser. One minute he seems happy and sweet, the next he is pounding his fist.

8. Critical.

No matter how hard you try you will never be able to satisfy this kind of man. He thinks nothing of degrading and verbally assaulting you. “You are a stupid, fat, disgusting tramp. You can never leave me. No other man would have you.”

9. Disconnected.

His main goal is to isolate his victim from family and friends so that you are totally dependent on him. “Your family causes too much trouble for us. I don’t want you seeing them anymore.”

10. Hypersensitive.

The slightest offense sends him ranting. Everyone is out to “get him.”

11. Vicious and cruel.

A significant number of abusers harm children and animals as well as a partner. Inflicting pain and intimidating others is what gives him power. “I’ll kill you before I’ll let you go. If I can’t have you, no one will.”

12. Insincerely repentant.

He will swear to never “hit you again.” But unless he receives professional help and strong accountability it’s very unlikely that he will change.

WOW – does that ever sum up the story of each of these young men! It is as if the guys wrote the list!

One final word… your mom and dad’s names are… Marilyn and Ron… or… Helen and Bruce… you need to contact them now.  It is not God’s will to separate families the way that your husband has suggested.  He wouldn’t let me say that to you – so I am hoping that you might just be stumbling on to this and just maybe you might read it… and maybe just maybe you are ready to escape the abuser.

Do it now… or contact me… if is posted with this Blog.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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