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My second post about Bitcoin – the first one was back in October 24, 2012

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My second post about Bitcoin – the first one was back in October 24, 2012

On October 24, 2012 I wrote a piece on this blog about Bitcoin (See this post). I was impressed at the time that the material I read was about this new form of ‘non-money exchange’ that apparently made it possible to divert your ‘normal money’ away from the prying eyes of whoever.

If I could deal with the Bitcoin perhaps I would never pay taxes!  I think that is where my “Hmmm?” was coming from at that point in time. Plus the fact that if it made it possible for me to deal directly with other companies concerning something I needed to buy – or that they may buy from me and my small business – it could be a good deal.

Yesterday an up and coming young lady contacted me concerning ‘Bitcoin’.  Her name is Cara Delany. She had read the article and was now sending me more information concerning ‘Bitcoin’.

It appears that Cara and her group/team have created the graphics that you can see at this Web Address Link.  What the Link shows is the graphic that has been prepared about ‘Bitcoin’ and the potential losses they have experienced through theft – etc.

As I dug deeper into the ‘Bitcoin’ story, I discovered that Cara Delany was onto something here. With the Grahpic that was shared with me through the Link shown it made me curious to know more. Cara’s method worked!

Then I dug a little further Cara Delany is a student. Her Web presence can be seen here.

Cara’s email to me and my follow-up posting about ‘Bitcoin’ is a demonstration of what different Social Media do for every one of us… good or not so good.

First the Graphics model presented an idea that works well. In the overloaded email world for someone like me – it is quick and to the point – giving me in the info I need quickly. I need not read a lengthy email filled with words that I must take in and sort through… and if it had come in that fashion I would have likely just ‘nuked’ it with a simple delete key stroke.

But I looked… Cara caught my attention and Bingo she had me!

The first bit of Graphics appear to be a sales job about Bitcoin… and the wonders of what they offer… but then it tells me that the company(or folk that own the Bitcoins) were robbed.  It almost appeared to be a kind of Old West stage coach robbery.

If you have clicked on to the Link I suggested above you will have seen a long graphic… here I present the Graphic in chewable pieces…all five of them.

Final comment for Cara Delany, your program worked. I blogged about what you are doing… and again about ‘Bitcoin’.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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