Wednesday, July 10, 2013

David and Minnie on the front porch together – art making a local impact

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David and Minnie on the front porch together – art making a local impact

Remember yesterday? I told you about David and Minnie coming home. I showed you photos of them sitting on the front veranda of our home.  Well it happened again… people have stopped to talk and look at them again.

This time the audience is the ones that walk down the street, drive by, or know us.

The rave reviews are many. The folk that stop are now bringing their friends to see what and who is sitting on our front porch.

The most important part is the dialogue that is coming from the art work and what it represents.  People are talking about it... not about me!

The power of art is what happens after the artist releases it to the world for inspection, compliments and even criticism.  And with criticism being the best one of those three in that people have been thinking about what is presented.

At the Mall when David and Minnie were on display, an older gentleman from the senior’s residence came by to demand that these “two people” be taken in and not shown. His claim was that they were an offence – in that they were making fun of old people!  Yes he had an opinion… critical? VERY!  But he was thinking… and the people that defended what each character represented also had to think long and hard.

Art should stimulate everyone – food for thought – good or bad.  And when it does you know you have something going on.

I am grinning from ear to ear… and so thankful for David and Minnie!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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