Wednesday, July 17, 2013

“Tablet Driver was not found” – What do you mean not found – I just installed it!!!

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“Tablet Driver was not found” – What do you mean not found – I just installed it!!!
I am the proud owner of a Wacom Intous 4 Tablet and have been for over two years. Wahoo! (So What? my close friends that have no idea what that is or why I should use one!)

Well the Tablet is connected to my computer and helps me do all kinds of Digital Art as well as working Digitally on my photographs.  I can put the head of my friend Winston on a Frog and create a “Winning Frog” – that was for Winston who constantly cracks ‘wise jokes’.

The post today is for all my fellow Tablet Owners that have experienced problems with their Tablet use – suddenly and repeatedly after some kind of Computer upgrade. 

The problem comes when the Tablet no longer works. The pen seems to be function but only at a low level.  However none of the special features such as the Auto Scroll wheel work the way they should.

The message that comes up each time I tried to click on to the Wacom Tablet Properties flatly stated, “Tablet Drivers was not found”!  The Properties window flashed on and off just before this warning message.

So being of somewhat sound mind I did what all computer operators do… duh… I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled. Poof that seemed to work… for a little while then back to the same problem again. Arrgh!!!! Stupid program!

Well when in doubt and in total frustration I finally typed in the warning message about the Drivers not being found.  And with that I found that I was not the only person in the Universe that has had problems with this – sheesh!

I also found that there were some suggestions as to how to get around this problem – that did not work for me. The answer that was suggested might have worked for some but not for me.

But there it was… scrolling down I found the answer that worked for me! Double Wahoo!!!

Here is the page that made sense and helped me…

Here is the paragraph that walked me to where I should be and to the place that helped me find what I needed to find. Quote…
by Wacom » Mon 15. Apr 2013, 13:43

Make sure to have the tablet directly connected to the Mac (not through a hub or other USB extension). When you then attach the tablet, it should be detected by Windows, the light should come on and react to the pen. Even without driver the pentip and eraser should be able to move the pointer on screeen. If the driver is installed, but not working, select GoTo -> Applications -> Wacom tablet and remove the settings with the tablet preference utility (or restore settings from a previously saved settings file). That should help in most cases.”

End quote…

So carefully I went to Start – All Programs – Wacom Tablet – and found “Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility” – then clicked on to this area.  I then clicked on “Remove” as the paragraph above suggested.

Triple Wahoo!!!! It worked from then on… or until the next time it happens.

But it must happen often because Wacom Intous 4 includes the small File Utility with its original file installation!

I am guessing that as the Tablet is working with so many changing programs (like Photoshop with its updates etc) that these changes throw off the Tablet and it then has a hissy fit… and declares “Tablet Driver was not found”

Why take time to write this out in plain and simple English?  Well my guess is that there are a lot more people like me that have been going crazy and don’t know why.  Now you can know why you are now nuts… and how you can fix it!

Hokey Mokey it still works and if it happens again I can click it back into the way it should work.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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