Sunday, July 21, 2013

Coping with the Heat and Hot Days – and loving the Cool Ones

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Coping with the Heat and Hot Days – and loving the Cool Ones

After days that seem to last forever the weather has changed.  Today it begins at a cool 14 C. What a difference from the start of this week when the temperature in the house started each morning at 28 or 29 C – inside of the house… and the outside temperature matched inside at 8 AM!  There was no relief on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – but today it has come.

Alida, my wife, looked at me one day as she was suffering greatly with the tremendous heat and said, “I could never live in the Hot Countries again… not even to go there for a holiday!  Those times are gone.”

I know what she means.

When we stepped off the airplane in Barbados in 1980 it was just before a hurricane was to hit the Island.  The heat in the airport was stifling… after the four hour flight south on the air-conditioned aircraft we couldn’t even get our breath. Our clothes stuck to us and every breath you took was hot and humid.  We had never felt that kind of oppressive heat before – let alone the high humidity.  But I shouldn’t say that.  I had felt it in a sauna but I had nothing but a towel on and I only stayed for a few minutes!!!  This adventure lasted three weeks.

When we started our 5 year adventure in Hong Kong in January 1981it was the winter time and the temperature was sitting at 21 C. You didn’t need a coat or a sweater… it was so beautiful to live in this country(I thought). That lasted about one month and then the thermometer started showing us how hot Hong Kong could get.  By Easter we were regularly at 27 or 28 each day… and by July/August it was well over 33 – 39 C each day with nights also being very hot.  In fact Hong Kong was hot for nearly every day for 10 months of the year.

We vacationed in Thailand in July and/or August… which was kind of like Hong Kong – hot and humid.  But the vacation was beside the South China Sea – which was cooler.  Thailand however often hit plus 40 C around Easter and early summer…. Too hot – way toooo hot.

My one month’s time in Irian Jaya (eastern part of Indonesia) was hotter than hot. The local folk had lived in this heat all their lives and knew it was best to rise early – say 5 ot 6 AM – work for about three hours and then quit at 10 AM.  Everything in that country stopped at 10 AM and then started at 5 PM just an hour before the sun would go down.  I witnessed the thermometer stay at 54 C all day long – every day. And I also went through the rains that fell each night at about 7 PM until Midnight making everything wet in most parts of the country.  The south however was just plain hot without rain falling that often.

Yes – we have felt hot, hotter and hottest temperature over these years. But now in our golden years a trip to cooler Scotland or very cool Europe would be a wise idea at this point in our life.

I am thankful for Canada where we can have it hot one day (or a few days in a row) and then cool after that.  It can change day by day… and we love it.

So as I cool down today beside the beautiful lake and sip my “Ice Cap” from Tim Hortons… I will think of last week and say Thank You Lord!

(PS – I am also thankful for the beautiful big Lansdowne Place Mall where sat for the better part of many days and soaked in the cool air.)

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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