Friday, June 15, 2012

The Lesson I learned from one small Morning Glory seed

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The Lesson I learned from one small Morning Glory seed
I met a man yesterday that started with a small idea.  The part that was exciting for me was I also had that idea in 1982. 

My idea started to flourish and then because of circumstances around it – it seemed to die.

His idea was kept in front of him all the time. And even with some huge obstacles he has persisted. Today his idea is now a full program that is producing in areas that are almost impossible.  Where others fail he has not.

The difference is that the timing for the idea was perfect in his case. My idea was the same but was not the right time for it. It was a few years too early.

The part that is so exciting is that both ideas come from a vision for what might be. The possibilities of things that could happen wrapped around one idea that would explode into a reality that is amazing.

Morning Glories
For the past number of years we have had an increasing number of Morning Glory flowers growing down the fence leading to our backyard.  Each year they reseed themselves.  The little black seeds go everywhere finding a place to grow.

The thing that I noticed about these Morning Glory plants is that the one seed has the potential to produce thousands of new seeds.

While walking into our backyard the other day I saw the impossible happening. One small seed had dropped into a crack in the top of the fence where the aging wood had split open.  The rain and sunshine has nudged the little guy to life… and there were the two distinct Morning Glory leaves shooting up.

Here are the photos.

As I have looked at the sprout and the small thing struggling in that impossible place I realized that it cannot grow to its full potential in that place.  With the amount of water and nutrition that it will need it can only go so far.

It has a vision of greatness but without the proper support it will soon die.

How much this is like the vision that my friend has and also the vision that I had. Both are very similar but one is working and the other didn’t – or at least worked only for a short time – then it kind of died.

The potential was there but conditions to make it happen to its fullest possibility were not so good.

The man I met yesterday is doing amazing things but needs support.  After going through what I did with my vision I can see what he is in need of… support and good place to grow!

If all goes right for me I will be able to support him.  I will pour all that I can into the helping of this vision.

But I just have to wait a little bit to make sure it all comes together.

These Morning Glory plants and that one small see has taught me a huge lesson. I have much to think about.

I can do that today… I am off to Lang Pioneer Village to become the 1856 Carpenter to about 150 Grade 3 kids.  Oh the possibilities!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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