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Silver Bean Café – A Place of Inspiration

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Silver Bean Café – A Place of Inspiration
I was not sure what sure what to title to give this posting. One that was strongly considered is “The Thing”… but ity makes no sense.  So because of what happened – happened at the Silver Bean Café – it is what it is.

The Twitter Account for the Silver Bean Café @silverbeancafe reads
“Eclectic at best... we're your source for an Americano with the ducks. We're open from May 1st until Thanksgiving weekend, rain or shine. Preferably shine.”
Peterborough, Ontario · http://silverbeancafe.blogspot.com

Hmm… “Eclectic at best…”

Truly that describes this unique spot on the river in Peterborough. It can be found where Kings Street meets Water Street… with a short walk down to the water’s edge.

I arrived early before the regulars would settle in. By “regulars’ I mean people that seem to frequent this place early on Sunday Morning.

I came on my bicycle and found a table near the railing around the outdoor patio.

With my large cup of coffee, a good book and some of my sketch pads I settled down to savour the morning.  This has to be the “best church” I have ever attended in my 14 years in Peterborough. (By church definition meaning a place of worship) It was inspiring and peaceful and filled with glory.

Now that is the way a former minister sees this unique place… others may see and feel it differently.  But I think that I have found my unique place in Peterborough Sunday AM.  In fact it will likely become one of my best places to be… from May 1st to Thanksgiving weekend.

It was later in the morning that Zach arrived with his friends(see yesterday’s Blog posting).

After reading I began to draw. I have been working on my illustrations of Misty Hollow Fairies and the Misty Hollow Fairy Land.  This was a perfect place to do this… absolutely perfect.  The ideas came easily and the ink flowed perfectly.

But I was not the only one that had created art here in the last few days.

As I came up to the Silver Bean my eye caught the most amazing site of a “Thing” perched on the limestone rocks along the path way.  I stopped my bicycle and began shooting photos.

“Thing” is the best way to describe it. It was made of many “things” assembled together to create the one bigger “Thing”.

It kind of looked like a Canoe. But then it reminded me of a Space Craft of some sort… like maybe a Pod Racer from a Star War movie.

That alone gave me the idea that it just had to be some one young and vibrant who is the creator and artist the “Thing”.

But how did it arrive and why is it in that spot?

As I settled into drawing and sipping my coffee I looked up every once in a while to see if anyone was around that could tell me more.

The “Thing” was tethered to a nearby tree using a giant chain which was fastened to the tree by a huge Elk Antler.  It seemed to indicate that this “Thing” was powerful and needed to be guarded just in case it was to break free of its moorings.

The exoskeleton of the “Thing” was thin.. in fact there was only a sparse amount of it in place… it was Birch Bark wrapped slightly around the sapling poles that made the frame.

The power parts, steering mechanism and all the other necessary equipment to move this “Thing” at relatively high speeds… were tightly packed into its frame.

The closer I looked the more fascinated I was by the “Thing”.  At my table and over my Coffee I studied my shots on the camera.  Amazing.

As the “Thing” lay on its side, it appeared that the possibility was it had landed with a bounce or two.

It looked like it had possibly run a few rapids in some Galaxy far away.

I did walk down to ask the proprietor of the Boat Rental place below the Silver Bean, “Where did this come from and who made it? Who was the Artist?”

Mr. Proprietor was not impressed. “Somebody brought it here yesterday with the Canadian Canoe celebration.  It is a piece of Junk. I wish they would get it out of here.”

Not impressed with the art world I assumed and gave up any dialogue with Mr. Proprietor.

But to whoever created the “Thing” my hat goes off to you.  Your “Thing” impressed me in amazing ways.  I really think that you must be drinking Coffee at the Silver Bean too.

I did have the distinct feeling that I was being watched by someone as I looked the “Thing” over.

Later I sat beside the “Thing” and watched people looking at the “Thing”.

The reaction and Buzz that the “Thing” created ranged from hilarious to fascinating… mesmerized… and more.  See some of the Photos below…

Churches sometimes have special music on Sunday AM – this Silver Bean Café was by far A BETTER EPERIENCE than other places of worship last Sunday.  You hit the WOW Factor for me… and the “Thing” rated number on in my all-time great experiences Sunday AM.

I am not sure where to stop this posting because the feelings of inspiration are still vibrating inside of me. 

Thanks Silver Bean and thanks also to the creator of the “Thing”.

I would love to say its proper name – or the one that the artists used if I had it.

I will let the photos below tell the rest of the story.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Reactions to the "Thing"...

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