Friday, June 22, 2012

Congratulations Thomas Rourke

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Congratulations Thomas Rourke
It is a special time in my life – Transitions… more of them each week.

Tonight my third grandson graduates from Grade 8 and in the fall he starts high school. Can you imagine?  I am at the half way mark… next year two more grandchildren will be finished Grade 8 and into high school as well!!!  That will be five with one more coming through the junior school quickly.

It was just yesterday that I remember my Grade 8 Graduation from Thomson School in Regina, Saskatchewan.  That was only 1958 – not that long ago.

For Graduation that night after we all had our certificates most of our class headed downtown to get something to eat. We walked together. Coke and Fries were our main dish we savoured.

I didn’t realize it when we started out that evening to walk downtown that everyone was paired off except me and one the really tall girls in the class. Her name was ‘Olga’ and her parents had brought her to Canada from Europe to start a new life here in the early 1950s.

I ended up walking beside tall Olga all the way to that one restaurant that was open at that time of the night.

There was no dance or party afterwards at someone’s house… it was very simple back then. The girls had dressed up and the guys wore the clothes that they wore to church on Sunday.  We all looked funny and hardly recognized each other. Olga looked very different – almost a Wow… but coming up to her shoulder left me looking at a lot of WOW!

The flash backs come more often now with the age I am. 

Tonight as Thomas walks across the stage he will grin sheepishly and try not to stand out in the crowd.  I know his feelings – I remember 1958!!!

As I pondered all these things I am feeling now… and the memories run to and fro in my mind… I really cannot believe that I am a Grandparent.

In 1958 if someone had told me that someday I would be married to a girl – I would have died on the spot. Walking beside Olga all the way downtown was almost impossible to do!  I was blushing in the dark.

Trying to comprehend that I might have kids someday – well… sheesh! How could that ever happen???!  Grandkids?  Only my grandparents had grandkids and they were OLD!

It will be fun tonight rolling back in time.  Thomas won’t know why I am grinning from ear to ear. I can’t wait to see if there is an Olga in his class!

Congratulations Thomas Rourke! Grandpa and Grandma Lincoln are so proud of you!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
 Thomas with his Mom (Anda) and his Dad (Bill)

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