Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear God – we do not need an election – do we?

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Dear God – we do not need an election – do we?
Yes it’s true that I Pray for the Political Leaders of my Province.  Each day I join many others praying that God would bless them. I also pray that they would have wisdom to lead and the ability to lead us and keep our province strong. (see

I pray to God.  No kidding.  I know that sounds old fashioned but it works.

But there are days that you wonder why certain things happen… even after you pray.

This week is crucial for Ontario.  A Budget has been presented to our Legislative body and is to be voted on this Wednesday.

The politicians have been trying to work on this to get it just right. One group wants this and another two want that.  The one wants and the other wants are not the same.

DUH?  What do the people want?

With the European Countries struggling to stay afloat and money markets being a weird and wild as they are… why are our leaders messing around?

I usually leave it up to God to do the behind the scenes work.  And even today He is likely working it all out.

So I am asking the 107 members that represent all of us in Ontario to kind of… “get your act together”. Our Province needs to move ahead and get going.

I am thinking now that if an election is called today… the results will shift a few things around… and not likely the way that the leadership has been thinking it will go.

I realize now that it is even more important that I pray.

So what do I pray today…?

Here is my simple non political prayer for today…

"Heavenly Father, I pray that Everyone of the Leaders would know your great blessing for her or his Life and Work today. I ask that the staff working in the Riding Offices and doing the work for the community would also know God’s blessing on each one of them.  May this day be a GREAT DAY for each one and that they would know “the peace and prosperity” that we pray for them. ~ Amen"

But God if you see an election as a good thing… then… oh boy!  All the new staff hired since the last election and some of the staff that have served for a long time – don’t really need this. Many will be losing their jobs – if their MPP leader loses.

I know they must be praying too.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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