Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making Big Decisions and Not Knowing

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Making Big Decisions and Not Knowing

In speaking with my friend via Facebook I listened to the Big Decision that their family is about to make.  They are leaving what they knew as security for more responsibility and the unknown.

My goodness I remember that stage in my life a number of times.  It is a not easy to take a new step.

They will go from the familiar to the unfamiliar. They will go from what they have done well to maybe not being sure sometimes if this is what they are supposed to do.  Sure for unsure?

Oddly enough I also am about to make a decision that could add more of the unknown to my life as well. Today there is a meeting that I will be attending and I also will be listening closely to what is being said. I will be trying to pick up on the vibes that are taking place in that meeting.

Depending on the vibes coming from the meeting and my way… I may be getting way more responsibility than I have known so far.  And that alone will propel me into the unknown world that I have only looked on from a distance.

With more responsibility comes way more opportunity to be shot at by the folk that will always know better. I don’t know better – I just know what I know and after many years of doing this task.

I have listened to my friend and the many dynamic parts of their decision that is about to take place. I promised I would support in any way that I could.

They are doing the same for me in my decision as well.

Their decision is going to involve a huge pay increase. Mine doesn’t.  I will be given a huge increase in connections and organizational stuff like any volunteer. My rewards are different.

So how did you handle the big decision that you had to make?

Any regrets after you walked through it all?

And after you made it did you think that maybe you shouldn’t have gone this route?

I have been in those situations too.

What helps is moving forward and not looking back. Back has its own problems. I learned from “Back there”… I need not go back. Forward is much better… and the only way to go.

So today will be a good day filled with adventure and opportunity for my friend and for me.

Hang on it will get better… but right now I wonder… Oh BOY!
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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