Monday, June 25, 2012

Zach and his sister – with the fishing lure problem

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Zach and his sister – with the fishing lure problem
As I sat on the outdoor patio above the dock a small commotion broke out below on the dock. Zach had caught a fish and his sister, together with their cousins and friends, were terribly excited for him. They jumped up and down with glee at the boys amazing feat.

Zach, I am guessing, was about 9 or 10 years old. I had noticed him earlier when he walked down to the pier with his fishing tackle box and his fishing rod. Behind him came his younger brother and another boy – both likely around 7 years old.

Around Zach was a clutch of children that were all younger.

On his line was a straight hook with a worm that he was dangling in the water near the boat dock below the “Silver Bean” coffee shop.

Each time he pulled out a fish the young audience around Big Brother Zach danced with glee.  Zach was their hero and Zach was older and Zach knew how to catch a fish.  And most important Zach was not afraid to handle the fish and take it off the hook.

I went back to my drawing and coffee while sitting at the edge to the patio overlooking the dock below.

There was no noise or excitement from below.  Everything was now quiet.

As I looked down Zach was fastening his worm and hook to the fishing rod and then he laid it aside out of the way. It appeared that he was done for the time being.

Yet the odd thing was the kids had not gone away from Zach, they were now even closer to him and the young girl standing with her back to the group. She was also holding the edge of her dress up just a little… as if something dirty was on the edge of her dress.

The little girl, I am guessing again, was likely Zach’s younger sister who had tagged along. She was also one of the ones that had expressed her glee when her brother caught the fish.

I noticed her too because she had a pretty dress on. The dress was flared out a bit with a fancy crinoline under the dress.  Definitely not a dress to wear when someone is fishing! Who knows why she was wearing it – but it was special to her – expressing her inner beauty I am sure!

With the edge of her dress lifted you could see the crinoline and about two inches up the crinoline you could see one of Zach’s fishing lures hooked into it.

When she had come close to where Zach had caught the last fish and had crouched down the tackle box was behind her… and oops.. the crinoline had come into the lures and the hooks grabbed a hold.

This is when I took out my camera and took the few shots I could.

Zach reached into his pocket and took out his multipurpose knife… the kind that has a dozen tools on it that you would likely never use.  He pulled on the one tool – a pair of scissors – and gently cut at the material around the hook until it came free.

His sister stood very still as she trusted her brother for the operation.

Around him the other small noses came in close for a look at the delicate operation being done on the dock.

Zack just knew that a small piece of crinoline would not make a difference if it was gone.

The operation done Zach picked up his rod and then lowered the worm into the danger zone. His sister skipped away to play further up on the rocks in her beautiful dress.

These were moments of delight and mystery early morning on the dock. 

Someday these stories will be told at her wedding with her Big Brother grinning from ear to ear.  Someday their mom will find out about the mysterious hole in the crinoline.

I grinned and settled back to my drawing and coffee. What fun sitting on that patio surrounded by great people and the beauty of the morning.  What fun!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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