Thursday, June 21, 2012

You don’t have to shovel sunshine!!

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You don’t have to shovel sunshine!!
I awoke this morning to a very warm house… it is sooo very hot in our area.

But I found a really strange way to cool down. I chatted to a friend in India that lives every day at an average of 27 C with rain most of the time. Then he told me that the summer season just not long ago was 50 C at the highest point and averaging around 42 C.

That is so hot… I cannot imagine what our area would be like if that was our climate!  Most of my Canadian friends would have melted on the first day.

Yet the odd thing is that we pay big money to get to a very hot place and enjoy the heat… specially when it is cold here.

BUT an amazing thought I had yesterday was – “I don’t have to shovel sunshine!”

My friends in Irian Jaya where it is hot all the time simply do nothing between 10 AM and 5 PM. The then start up at 5 PM there regular routine.  But they also start earlier in the day to get more done and work later at night.  A daytime nap is in order for each of them.

In 2001 I had the opportunity to visit their country where I found it hot all the time. In the evening at about 6 PM it often rained hard as the heat was still simmering around you. Yes the rain cooled it all down a little… but at 30 C with 98% humidity it was hot for this Canadian!!!

I mention that to help me think cooler.

As I spoke to the man this morning from India – I felt much cooler. He thought it was humorous when I told him how hot it was yesterday. That is normal for him at 30C.

And he was speaking to me, trying to convince me to come to India to help him in his work.  A January invite makes far more sense than a summer in Canada hot weather time. I could not hear what he was saying through the heat!

But today will be better I am sure.  Cooler tonight and the house will cool down.

That kind of complaining and occasional discomfort makes me Canadian… and if I wait a little while the weather will change – poof!

Think this way… as of today there are only 6 months and 4 days until Christmas Day.  And I can accurately predict for our area that it will not be anywhere near 30 C!

I am going to keep moving today and loving the heat.  You don’t have to shovel sunshine!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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