Friday, June 8, 2012

I am loving every moment of this active life. I am ALIVE!

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I am loving every moment of this active life. I am ALIVE!

Revitalized is the word for this morning! That’s my life today! Wahoo – let’s go!

This has to be the busiest weekend this year so far – you would think that I am now back working full time again.

Starting today with my first of the season Lang Pioneer Village - all day - with about 150 students!  This has to be the best time of year as I meet the Grade 3 students from all over the area.  I am the 1856 Carpenter all day today. I make history come alive for students and we have a ball together!

At 3:30 PM I rush back to Peterborough to shower and change - then head out to do the Wedding Rehearsal... tomorrow is wedding day!! This couple is the neatest one that I have met at my Mall Table this year.  We bumped into each other about four months ago. She had not been able to get a minister – and guess what I was available.  (BTW I am a minister that still performs Marriages.)

On Saturday morning before the wedding I need to keep painting our bedroom... almost half done now...  I live with the most patient wife in the world!  We started this project about a week ago… but she has waited for 14 years to get rid of the ugly wall paper.

Personally I never thought it was ugly – because it is all the same colour when you turn off the lights… sheesh!

Then Sunday we are setting up in Bobcaygeon at 8:30 AM - leaving here at 7:00 AM. I will be doing my Spring Pole Lathe presentation at the Settler’s Village – in a barn.  Again I am the Old Carpenter from the 1800s.  If it rains it doesn’t matter!

Crashing on Monday - oh boy... I am older now and it is starting to take its toll.

Who said I would retire at 65. I am loving every moment of this active life. I am ALIVE!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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