Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Memory Collector – that’s me

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The Memory Collector – that’s me
The day was perfect in every way. I wanted to capture every moment of what was happening around me… the sights… the sounds… the smells… the people.

Not far from where we were sitting in the Park on Father’s Day a lady came by with the cutest dog.  It was 41 pounds, short legs and bushy mop of hair. The dog came over immediately to get a petting and look for a treat.

Not long after that pup came a number of other dogs with their masters came by as well – out for a Sunday afternoon walk.

I was sitting at the picnic table carving and listening to my music. The breeze coming off the Lake was perfect. It was one gorgeous day to celebrate as a Dad and a Grandfather.

It became complete when my Granddaughter arrived with her mom and sat with us for lunch.

Emma joined me in carving – what a delight. She loves doing stuff with her hands and with Grandpa.

But before that we went to a local hamburger place to buy the lunch. Delicious burgers and fries from Reggies… MMm MMm MMH! M!!!

Outside of Reggies I met Meeka, a two month old piglet that was walking very well on her pet harness… and loved meeting people. This was one very social piglet.  What a jewel!

We had finished our lunch and were enjoying our afternoon. Emma and I were carving as mom and grandma nearby just sitting.

It was then that some very friendly ladies came over to speak with us. They asked what we were doing.

After a short conversation one lady asked me if I could paint a face on her Garbage can.  I was a little stunned with the question… but agreed. I told her that I would be free on Tuesday.

She told me no – not Tuesday… right now.  “I have the Garbage Can just across the street and I can bring it over” she said. And then she walked away.

It was at that moment that I realized the potential of the happening.. the moment.. the things that happen around me all the time now that I need to capture… and remember. They are once in a life time. They are my memories… fleeting memories that are all mine. If I don’t pay attention they all run away… drift off and simply are gone. But if I listen, look and then savour them… they become mine.

This was the most memorable Father’s Day for many years. More happened by chance than any other time in my life… at least in the 24 hours of June 17, 2012.

June 16, 2012 was an amazing day as well… this Blog broke all records that day when it zoomed by the record high that was set during the previous few days… and hit an all-time record in four years’ time… of 1306 Hits and Page Views!

Looking back now each day is filled with amazing people and memories that are being made all the time now.

Are there more now that I am 68 years old?

No – it is just that I am slowing down now enough to record each one. Someday I will need each of these to get me through the day ahead. I am capturing them now… so I can have them later.

Emma… Meeka… and a Garbage Can all in one afternoon. Wow!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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