Monday, June 4, 2012

Blog Readers and Stats – A reflection

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Blog Readers and Stats – A reflection
This morning while doing a bit of maintenance on my Blog Sites I was looking over some of the Stats that are offered by Blogspot.

The Stats were given for the period of time between May 28 and June 4, 2012.

Here is the Chart or Graphic showing the places on earth that have visited my “From the Desk of Murray Lincoln” Blog -
The colors and shades of that color show the country ratings/frequency of blog visits.
My Blog “From the desk of Murray Lincoln” had way more Americans reading it than Canadians.  “Reading” could also be interpreted “Discovering”

Here is the Chart or Graphic showing the places on earth that have visited my “Pray For Leaders Today” Blog
My Blog “Pray for Leaders Today” had as more Canadians reading it than other countries… but the amount of Russians reading it were higher than Americans.

Why would people from another country check in on a Prayer Blog for Leaders of the Ontario Government.. other than perhaps they wonder why we would pray for our Leaders.

Emails that come from many parts of the world indicate that the folk that have looked in on my “Pray for Leaders Today” Blog is a great idea and they are now doing this in their respective countries as well.

Now mind you this is only a short period of time that these Stats represent.

Why bother tracking what is happening on the Blog?

I am not sure that I have an answer for this question or not.  Other than it is just good to know – on my part.  Maybe it is kind of like a Coin Collector – he keeps track of the number of coins that he has been able to assemble for the fun of it.

Though I have not shown here what the further Stats reveal, I do know now what people are looking for when they do a search from their computers. I can see what they read and how long they stayed on the Blog reading as well as how many other pages that they read.

Whoa that almost seems like a “Big Brother” thing – where people are watching what you do all the time. Like maybe they are controlling what you do…?  Nope. They just know what you like and what you look at.


Well then they can write the stories you like… or want. They can also advertise what you may be interested in according to what you have read or come looking for.

I have chosen not to “Monetize” my Blogs… or in other words allow the placing of ads beside the text that is shown that would pay me money when someone clicks on them.

In the case of my Blogs there is potential to make some money from the traffic that comes my way.  My Blog “From the Desk of Murray Lincoln”(this one) there are between 7000 to 9000 folk coming each month to look in on the blog. The pages read are higher than that.  For a one person operation that is not bad.

Oh I know there are folk that get into the 100,000 per day hits… or even higher. And there are folk that will read this and immediately respond with emails to me to show me how they can get my hits higher. Sales are what it is all about… them selling me more whatever.

Blogging is a wonderful way to connect with the world out there.

Today with all the stats I pause and say thank you to my faithful readers that make this Blog what it is.

Some suggest what I should write about. Others give me criticism on what I have written… and I should say I also receive FLAK that makes me want to dive for cover. But overall it is a blessing that comes from my early morning adventures at my key board.

Thank you Blogging World!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

1 comment:

Susan McKenzie said...

You used to preach to the same people every week, and now you have the whole world at your fingertips!

What a GREAT life you have lived and it's wonderful you are able to share, in this forum, with the whole world :)