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The Spectacular Art of Tom Eckert – wood carving that is impossible

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(The above piece is carved completely of wood)
The Spectacular Art of Tom Eckert – wood carving that is impossible

Every once in a while something comes along to take my breath away.  Something that is so amazing that you have to stop to take a close look.  It happened again.  And these some-things simply defy imagination.

You need to take a look with me at this selection from my Google Search for Artist Tom Eckert

Tom has taken a block of wood or a piece of wood and then applied hundreds of hours to it with his carving knives.  What comes out of it is absolutely stunning!

It is at that moment of seeing something so spectacular that my brain says, “I want to do that too.  Let’s try it – we have time!”

I am trying to get my breath after viewing the wide selection that is presented with the Google search I did.

I needed this today.  Going to the art gallery at times is something I do also. But most often the art presented is not what I need… I leave the gallery stating that I need more. My mind is hungry for different ‘mind food’.  Today I have been savouring what Tom Eckert has done.

Tom’s Web Site can be found here.  His Web Site alone is a piece of beauty and art wrapped together.

Take a look at these pieces - all carved from wood!!!

Now what do I do with what I have seen?  How much time do I have to create something like Tom has created?  Do I start today?

Thank you Tom and those that have presented Tom’s work to me.

Now I need to go and savour what he has done.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

For your inspection

Digital Image from Misty Hollow

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