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Dr. Bruce Lindsay, Embalming Surgeon – bodies guaranteed not to blacken

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Dr. Bruce Lindsay, Embalming Surgeon – bodies guaranteed not to blacken

As I spoke to the woman her nose wrinkled up. She gave this weird look as I extended the invitation to her to join the gathering crowd.  I had told her that my son-in-law was about to begin his presentation as “Dr. Bruce Lindsay, Embalming Surgeon”.

She had asked me what was going on and why the people were gathering. The sign out front of the large barn could have told her that the 1:00 PM presentation was about to begin and that Dr. Lindsay what was going to speak about… but she must have come in the other large door.

As I spoke with her and different people that came by my Wood Carving and Spring Pole Lathe demonstration, I was genuinely proud of my son-in-law and his presentation that he was about to make.

“Wrinkled nose…” and strange reactions – are some of the ways that a small number of people react when you talk about things like death, funerals and the inevitable fact that all of us will be there some day.

But Dr. Bruce Lindsay does his talk in a very sensitive and informative way. He doesn’t get gross or overbearing with what he describes in his talk. He informs people of the numerous steps and reasons that the funerals that their ancestors have walked through.

The Funeral business of today is not what it was 150 years ago. But yet we do practice some of the “ritual” of funerals of long ago – today.  We wait for a few days – or longer – before we actually conduct the final funeral service, to allow all the relatives to arrive for the difficult family time.

In the old days of long ago the waiting period of three days was required for the family to all travel in from the surrounding neighbourhoods.  Nowadays that means flying in from different parts of the world – which shows our need of a waiting period as well.

The waiting period that was required back 150 years ago, as well as today, required some sort of the method of preparing the body so that the natural course of events would be slowed… i.e. decomposition taking place – which is natural and normal.  Oh Yuck! What a thing to talk about!! (No wonder her nose wrinkled up!)

But I can say quite honestly that I am more than proud of the father of two of my grandkids. Bruce is excellent in what he does and I think he is the best in Canada!!! No doubt about it.  That is why I highly recommended him to the organizing committee of the Settler’s Village in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

From the number of comments that Bruce received following each of his talks, people were amazed and most appreciative.  Many wanted to know when and where he would do it again.  They wanted to bring their friends to hear what he had to say.

Yep – very proud!!! That’s what I am… a proud father-in-law.

Oh… and I want to thank the Settler’s Village for having Bruce and I come to be a part of your special day yesterday.

My part was the same as before… the demonstration of the wood carvings and the Lathe – and then watching the sparkle in the eyes of the children that came by each time “to play the spoons” with me.

What a surprize when Dr. Bruce Lindsay pulled out his Banjo and began to play along with the kids and me!  Yep – proud double over… not only is my son-in-law good at embalming – he is great musician too!!

Thank you Dr. Bruce Lindsay – you made us all proud!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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