Thursday, June 13, 2013

Children Playing Soccer with or without had coverings – sheesh!

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Children Playing Soccer with or without had coverings – sheesh!

This situation in Quebec with the Soccer Leagues vs Sikh being not allowed to wear their head piece is weird.  But maybe I really don’t understand – like most of the rest of Canada.  It is confusing to say the least.

The report is coming out of Province in Canada that is intolerant of anything that opposes or suppresses French – or at least the French language.  It is also coming on the heels of a court case where the lady is refusing to remove her faced covering when she gives evidence against the men that did something terribly wrong to her.

But none of that has anything to do with a faulty decision that supposedly, in court, was about safety issues.  But it should have been about leveling the playing field so no one team or player has an advantage over another.

In soccer they have some stringent rules that hardly any other sport has. Rings, jewelry, or anything on a person’s body is not allowed.  They must be removed before play begins.  That also includes head coverings of any kind.  Girls hair that is long is held in place and up with ties. But they do not wear head combs to hold hair in place.

However the Sikh men and ladies have a strong feeling about their religious expressions… as do Islamic folk… where a girls head must be covered and at times her face as well.

And in Quebec the organizing officials have banned the Sikh head piece – which has caused great pain for the families and the children in particular.

At least that is what I understand as an outsider to the problem in Quebec.

Now today the CAS – Canadian Association of Soccer – has declared that – quote, “The Canadian Soccer Association says the Quebec Soccer Federation will remain suspended from the national body as long as it refuses to rescind the ban, upheld in a provincial vote on June 2. The director-general of the Quebec group, Brigitte Frot, said at the time that Sikh children who want to play soccer in turbans “can play in their own backyard.”(The full story here)

Because of Quebec’s ban – the rest of Canada is now reacting as you can see.

I was kind of okay with a ban that keeps the playing field safe and equal.  But isn’t a girl’s hair tied back with a rubber band the same as small handkerchief that is tied over clump of hair on a boy?  And when a boy with long hair ties it back – isn’t that the same?  Where is there a safety issue?

But maybe it is about Quebec and their general hatred for any change to their culture and their “level field” – or leveling the field to make sure French and their culture does not die out.

My guess is the second part.  But the whole thing gets blurry for all of us.

The children are caught in the middle. And it is doubtful that they really understand – they would just like to play soccer.

I stand back and shake my head at adult decision.

Oh boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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