Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Death of my two Old Friends happened yesterday

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The Death of my two Old Friends happened yesterday

It is with a heavy heart that I share the following with you my readers. Two of my close friends passed away yesterday.  Their death was not unexpected. We were aware for a number of years of their health were ailing.  And I knew that the end would arrive sooner than later.  And yesterday the final hour came. They died.

They had lived together very full and happy lives for fourteen years.  Before that they had lived a hidden life for at least 27 years.  So all together they were about 40+ years of age before their passing.

Four the past 14 years they have been visited by hundreds of people that have taken pictures with them, have sat on them and admired them.  These people came from all parts of the world, different parts of Africa, Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, and all parts of Canada and the USA.  In fact every time we had visitors from some other part of the world, they made a point of taking photos of my faithful friends.

But today they are gone.

There is emptiness now where they once sat.  And there is sadness inside of me as well – a kind of inside emptiness.

So who am I speaking about?  Well they are my two Bear friends that I carved from the stump of the large tree that stood by our driveway until the huge storm hit it 14 years ago.  Here are shots of the two of them in that last fateful hour before they died.

How did they die?

Their death was attributed to “internal organ failure”.  Their insides simply failed them. The strength that they once had, that had supported the powerful and big tree above them was now gone completely.  The wood rotted and finally began disappearing a little at a time.  And with each bit being taken away the outside walls of the carving was all that was left.

After taking a few last photos I placed my hands on the top of the biggest bears head and pulled hard.  His head and body lurched toward me, then finally let go from its last remaining root system.  With a shudder he fell toward me… and thud answered my pulling as his mighty head hit the driveway.

The smaller Bear that stood faithfully beside the Big Bear also came along with another thud and tearing sound. Within a matter of three minutes the old tree stump let go and the Bears were lying on the driveway… dead.

As an artist I know that I can replace these mighty creatures with more of my carvings. Starting over again is not difficult at all.  Two new Bears could be there by the end of this month… but the old ones had all the effort and design that made them special to me. They were “my kids”, “my creation” and they were special to me.

It is an odd feeling to know that something you have created is no longer there. I struggle with that feeling every time it happens. Okay I know that I am weird – but it is true.

Later yesterday I removed the last parts of their body to a pleasant resting place on a hillside at my friends, Winston and Brenda’s place, in Cavan.

Good bye old friends – we will miss you… sniff.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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 Nothing but an empty hole now...
 The small Bear's head still looks out from under the foliage...

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