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PURGE – Rob, Steal, Hurt, Maim, Kill, Murder, or do whatever you wish to do

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PURGE – Rob, Steal, Hurt, Maim, Kill, Murder, or do whatever you wish to do

Now think of the setting for a great story line… or maybe not a great story line… but something that will appeal to many people… not all people… just certain people.

Next think of our neighbour’s south of the Canadian/American Border… and some of the folks that love their guns, carry their guns proudly, fight for the right to use their guns to protect themselves… and the general “gun culture” that exists in the good old USA.

Finally think of the fact that there are many communities in the USA(and some on Canada) that you wouldn’t be caught dead walking through the streets at night… or alone… or without a gun.

Whoa!  Too weird… and maybe too close to reality and for comfort.

Now with that all in mind what would you think of a Movie Idea that would recognize the rise in crime and that few are doing anything about it – or can do anything about it?  What would be a possible solution to take care of the problem?

Why not turn everyone lose for one 24 hour period to do as much and any kind of crime that they can get done in that 24 hours?  Now there is a great concept, let the killers kill each other easily with no thought of reprisals.  And maybe to make the playing field more even, protect your future community, and let the pent up frustration of the ordinary folk be released… let them all kill each other… or do as much crime as you wish to do.

The poor people, the people that have lost their jobs in the economic downturn would be able to rob any bank, wipe up the floor of a Casino by stealing every dime that they made that week… everyone could be rich and the playing field would be leveled.

Any guards that might be given the task of protecting the bank or Casino – would also be robbing and stealing and murdering whoever and whatever they wanted to…!!

Now you can imagine that any God fearing, middle of the road somewhat normal family would prepare for this 24 rampage… by locking down everything they have and keeping their family inside… safe.

Well from the movie clips and things that I have read to date that is what the movie “Purge” is all about.  For 24 hours people living in the society are able to do whatever they want… to whomever they wish to do it to.  No kidding – someone came up with this idea… and now have spent a lot of money on producing the movie.

Imagine all the gun people that have sworn to never give up their guns or their right to carry it openly and freely!

Imagine all the gangs that have open access and freedom to kill any cop they can find in 24 hours!

Imagine any cop that is able to say, “Forget this law crap… the judges let the guys out early or without any penalty at all. His lawyer always gets him off!  We can kill everyone that night and make our work a lot easier doing it!  And as to the lawyers – well we can get them as well… this will be fun!”

Can you just imagine a more popular film among the red necked, good old gun carrying boys of the south?

Oops I forgot one more thing that could happen easier than anything… any daycare would be open to shoot up and out… or any school… or any teacher… or whatever sicko thing the people think would be okay.

Well folks that is what the movie is all about! Really. It is called “Purge”.

Now are you going to rush out to buy a movie ticket for this one?

Oh boy!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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