Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Strawberry Fields Forever – Let me take you down

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My Strawberry Fields Forever – Let me take you down

The last couple of days had been “blah days” – where I have just kept going, try not to think too much and do things that are easy. The death of a friend can do that to me…

It was yesterday while my wife and I pulled away from everything for a few hours that I recognized the need to be quiet.  It happened in a Strawberry Field north of where we live.  Yesterday was the start of PYO Strawberries – “Pick Your Own”.

The field at one point was empty except for my wife and I picking. It was completely still… no sound at all.

My wife stated it well, “I love that sound of the ‘small snap’ when you pull the strawberry loose from the Strawberry plant.”

She was right. Then came the next soothing part as I popped the ripe, red berry into my mouth.

The song that John Lennon wrote about ‘Strawberry Fields forever’, came to my mind.

Though there is much debate about what in the world John Lennon was writing about at the time… the lyrics did refer to an invitation to take you down to “strawberry fields forever”.

When John was a boy he lived not far from a Salvation Army home that was called “Strawberry Fields”.  There was a large wooded area to the back of the property where John played many long hours. (see STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER LYRICS - THE BEATLES)

However some of the debate of why he wrote what he did involves the use of ‘LSD’ and ‘Marijuana’ … and it also revolved around John losing a close mentor Brian Epstein.

Yesterday I was in Strawberry Fields – forever… sans the ‘LSD’ and ‘Marijuana’.

Enjoy the photos below… and go ahead and lick your Computer Monitor if you would like…

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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