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Little things, imaginary things, magical things all covered with sparkle and wonder dust

Misty Hollow Carving and Misty Hollow Digital Images
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Little things, imaginary things, magical things all covered with sparkle and wonder dust

Some of my more senior friends have a little difficulty understanding my art work taking a turn toward ‘Fairies’. They cannot understand why a supposedly intelligent person would believe in Fairies.

Some of my ‘religious’ friends think I have lost the idea of my calling to more ‘spiritual’ things… ahem.

Clearing my throat I try to explain. The look in the eyes of the little ones that come to look closely and then dream makes it all worth it. To create something that kids love – old or young – is more than a reward for me.

Yes it is fantasy but it is so much fun.  When my reward comes it is from a smile and a giggle that is followed by, “That is so cute! I want one Mommy.” It simply is worth it all.  Connecting with my potential audience is what it is all about.

And the other thing that happens is there is never enough time to create more. The ideas seem to flood my imagination like a babbling brook.  The things that I can make are just there at the top of my mind list.

Could that be the influence of Fairies?  “Surely to goodness not… you have lost it Lincoln!” the old lady scowled.  Her own imagination died somewhere around her 35th year… and it has been dried up and dead for more than 40 years. Poor lady.

Yes it is only for the young at heart that I do what I do… and create what I create.  It is not for the ‘grunt and scratch crowd’ of a Truck Stop!  Definitely not.  These guys have kids that still dream but they have lost it.  Nope – not that crowd.

It is not for the ‘Holier than Thou’ group either.  That bunch have little to do with imagination either… except imagine how Holy they are.  And they forgot what fun was all about… a long ‘tyme’ ago.

It is for the kid in everyone that I create. I carve the houses and the furniture to make young eyes twinkle. I share my imagination to tickle theirs. I give my best so they will dream better.

And from Misty Hollow comes delight of all kinds. ‘Delight’ in fact is the main product that we produce from the carvings, ideas and things that are produced.

So if you are huffy and puffy in your thinking about grown men like me that actually do weird stuff… here are some new things to get all bent out of shape about.  Please look at them and then shake your head… but as you do, please ask yourself, “When did I lose my sense of wonder and the plain old silliness that I once had?  When did my imagination die?”

But if you are a lover of little things, imaginary things, magical things all covered with sparkle and wonder dust… “Welcome fellow wanderer … Misty Hollow is the place to be. We created these things just for you.”

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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