Friday, June 14, 2013

A 2013 Escape from Reality – Lang Pioneer Village

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A 2013 Escape from Reality – Lang Pioneer Village

In the midst of Political Scandals, stories swirling around the stupidity of Politicians, Politicians possibly doing drugs, lying about it, and then others scamming for money that is not theirs… I am glad I can retreat from it all.  I can run back to 150 years ago and escape every story and frightful mess that exists in my world.

Mind you I will have to come back to it by supper time, but for today it is gone!  Whoopie!

At about 9:30 AM this morning I will enter the bright and beautiful world of sparkling eyes, excited children of the Grade Three!  Their biggest request today will be. “Can I try?”

Today I will become Grandpa Lincoln, the 1856 carpenter in the Hastie Carpenter Shop of Lang Pioneer Village.  I will step back in time where my costume will be strange looking for the people of 2013, but very functional for 1856. The tools I will use will have no electricity and each one will be worked by nothing more than my own muscles.

The period of time relating to the pioneers of 1856 represented the struggle of building a new society in the small valley that has the Indian River running through it.  Everything that is done today in the village will relate to survival and preparedness for the long winter that will come in October. We have to be ready.

For the past few months the Grade Three students have been studying the Pioneer Days of Canada.  They have looked at most aspects with their teacher… now their teacher along with parent volunteers will bring them into the past at Lang Pioneer Village.  And with the help of Grandpa Lincoln and the rest of the staff and volunteers will weave stories that will back up the book work in school.

Do I sound excited?  I hope so.

But today is my second day at Lang Pioneer Village for 2013.  Sunday will be my third day and Monday my fourth day.  On Tuesday this pioneer will be pooped out completely.

But if you are free on Sunday that will be a super duper day at the Village… when the old Steam Tractor will lead a parade through the village and hundreds of Father’s Day folk will pour through the gates to leave their world and enter 1856.

Oh yes I am really excited.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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