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Grandpa Kirkpatrick and my Cell Phone

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Grandpa Kirkpatrick and my Cell Phone

My cell phone made a small sound notifying me that a new Text Message had arrived and along with it was a photo that my sister really wanted me to see.  Then just as I tried to open it… my cell phone did some weird things and died! Sheesh. It was only 18 months old.

The dude at the Cell Phone kiosk told me that others had experienced similar things with this exact phone as well. But it was only 18 months old!! “Yes” he replied to my exasperation, “that means the phone is very old nowadays.”  And it was now just passed the warrantee time by about a week!!! Double SHEESH!  It would take $25 to send it to the factory to be looked at, and maybe over $100 to $175 to repair it!!!

Hokey Mokey – 18 months it is out of date and old.

I am 69 years old – that is 67 years and 8 months older and still function very well – thank you very much.

BUT at 69 years old a whole new learning curve is taking place last evening and this morning again… how to turn it on, how to find stuff, how to not do some things that blow the cell phone’s exasperation and it signals back that I cannot do that action. Good Lord – it feels like this new one has a mind of its own!

And that is life… what is familiar to me or has become that way – changes.  Stuff that I enjoy and come to take for granted goes to a happy hunting ground. Poof it is gone!

The best part is that there just happened to be a super duper sale on right now… and discounts galore… and for a mere $25 I had a fantastically new and more power wielding Cell Phone!  No kidding – it worth a bundle more than I paid for it… and does a hundred times more than the last one!  I have the P-O-W-E-R now! Kazam… kaboom… oh yah!

I can’t wait to show my Grandkids what I have now in my possession.

The young dude at the Kiosk in the Mall showed me and assured me that all the things that were on the other telephone are now on this new one. It was all transferred over.  But it will take some time to find everything!! Oh boy.

When I came into this old world my Grandfather Kirkpatrick was a “Line Man” for the telephone company in the area they lived – in southern Saskatchewan.  He was responsible to put up new telephone poles and wire the lines. He made sure that everything was right all along the lines – and that the signals were good and wiring was perfect for the old Hand Cranked wall mounted telephones in each farm house.

Do you remember that kind… there was a crank on the side of the oak box telephone hanging on the wall?  To call someone you cranked their ring… ie. Two long cranks and one short was the nearest neighbor… three longs and two shorts were the guy two miles away. And all the phones along the way and on that line could hear the sound of the bells in their phones… as neighbor A was calling neighbor D… and sometimes neighbors C and E listened in on the conversation to keep up with the gossip.

I was a boy when that happened.

Now the bells in my cell phone sound an incoming text message from some other part of the world.  Within a split second I can look at what the other person is seeing on their dinner plate.

There is way more stuff in my small computerized cell phone than the first rocket and space craft to the moon landing ever had… and it is in my pocket.

I have to remember to shut if off during funerals and weddings… and not take it into Lang Pioneer Village where the folk of 1856 had not yet seen a phone of any kind.

Hey did you know that this crazy little cell phone can speak to my computer now without wires… and to my Tablet and to my TV… and within in seconds I can watch videos and see photos that the cell phone took… on all the other three apparatus???  And with another click our friends in Korea and Indonesia can see them as well… for free!!?!

Grandpa Kirkpatrick might just be saying, “Jimminee Cricket!” now if he was alive.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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