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The best time to not wear a Padded Bra

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The best time to not wear a Padded Bra

Since I was a little boy away back when, I can remember our family holiday season and the trips to the USA.  We lived in the southern part of Saskatchewan and the drive into the USA was not long. Weekend shopping trips were fun.

Prepared with a tent and a car full of family stuff for a road trip we headed into North Dakota and sometimes even as far a Montana – further to the west.

The border crossings then were usually very quiet and slow.  At the most there might have been one other car crossing when we arrived at the small Border Crossing buildings.  The most action that happened was the site of a grasshopper zooming across the international border unimpeded. It didn’t need a Passport way back then… in fact none of us did.

The most we had to do was to state our address where we lived and where we were heading – maybe even the purpose of our visit to the USA.  And all that I remember was the possible shopping for new clothes and fun stuff – like buying a Roy Rogers pistol and holster set that I treasured more than anyone can imagine (still have it today in fact!).

It is with this past memory and the familiar crossing that I have experienced when going to the USA… that the story today caught my attention today.

Yep – you read that right!  She and her daughter had lots of money in their bras as they crossed the Canadian/American Border at Windsor/Detroit.

The money was found after they were “patted down” by a Border Control Officer.

What my Dad and Mom didn’t know – and I never considered… you cannot bring more than $10,000 into the USA upon your entrance to their country.

Thinking back to all the stuff that we had packed into the old family car on those summer holidays… we could have easily stashed a million or more in among all the junk that we had in the back!

But not so for Moura El-Asmar… who had told the American Border Officials that she was on a Disability Pension as well as having a small paper route… to make her money.

Come on lady – are you nuts or what!?  You have over $39,000 in your bra and your daughter had $20,000 in hers!!!  And in your purse you had $15,000 alone.

Now I know that the Ontario Government will give almost anyone ODSP (our disability pension for people that can’t work) – but over $73,000 in smuggled money and a last name that isn’t Irish or Italian – you cannot convince anyone that this was a legitimate mistake.

Further to this story… the immigration folk at that check point really do look over their “customers” coming in to their country.  The reporter that published this story quoted the authorities… “An officer patted her down and noticed what was described as a “bulky mass” on her bra. She was searched and was found to have four bags sewn into her bra. Three bags contained $10,000 each and the fourth had $9,000.” End Quote

Whatever were these people thinking!?
To add my own perspective and the little knowledge I have of cultures other than my own… people in other countries do not trust the system. Putting the money in a Bank Account “here” and then taking it out when they get “there” by way of a plastic card – is foreign to their thinking.  Having a USA bank account connected to your Canadian account wouldn’t even cross their minds…

One more part of the story that needs to be noted is that dear Moura had been convicted of a crime in Canada in 1992 and 1993 – for theft under $1000.  That alone would not allow her to enter the USA ever.  Why try?

I classify this story as one of the dumber things that people have done.

Today I am shaking my head with a grin on my face. I am also taking my hat off to the Border Patrol Officers at the Windsor/Detroit crossing point.  You folks are sharp!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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