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Celebrating Graduations – Emma Lindsay and Michael Rourke

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Celebrating Graduations – Emma Lindsay and Michael Rourke

For two nights we have been grinning from ear to ear… and applauding with all the others – two of our Grandkids are leaving Elementary School and heading off to High School!  Wahoo!  What a celebration.  And only one left in Elementary School.

Monday night Emma Lindsay graduated from Grade 8. Tuesday night Michael Rourke graduated from Grade 8 as well.  Two cousins off to new adventures at High School in the fall. They join three more siblings and cousins!

As I sat there last evening watching the second one graduate this time around – I suddenly realized that the world is spinning way too fast.  It was just yesterday that I graduated from Grade 8!

I remember that Graduation well.  After a short ceremony at the small public school, the parents went home and our class walked downtown together.  Downtown was in Regina.  We walked to one of the only two restaurants in the downtown core… at least the only two that were open other than the Bus Depot’s lunch counter.

There were no Prom Dates at that time. Some of the students did pair off… walking side by side.  That left only two of us with no interest in the other – so we HAD TO WALK TOGETHER!

My walking partner was Olga.  The guys had nicked named her ‘Olga from the Volga’. She had a thick accent from somewhere deep in Europe with her family immigrating to Canada in the previous two years.

Yikes – poor Olga. She was about 5 feet 8 inches tall. I was all of 4 feet 6 inches tall.  And she had to walk with me!  Too darn funny. I nearly died and she must have been mortified walking with the little shrimp Lincoln.

Hey – don’t knock it – I grew 12 inches in the next two years and made it to a whopping 5 feet 6 inches!!! Olga likely never grew taller and turned into a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian Princess.

Oh the memories that flooded me last two nights as I witnessed the growing up over night of two fantastic grandkids!

Congratulations to Emma and Michael!  Way to go kids – we are so proud of you!

 Emma Lindsay with Grandpa and Grandma Lincoln
 Emma Lindsay with Mom and Dad, Dana and Bruce Lindsay
 The Rourke Boys with Grandpa and Grandma Lincoln
Right to Left - Thomas, Michael, Jonathan and Christopher
 Anda Rourke with her 5 Rourke Boys
Michael Rourke - the Male Athlete of the Year!
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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