Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jesus and Superman compared

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Jesus and Superman compared

Two days away from posting and the world offers so much to think about.

I caught a News posting by Jeff Jensen, “Why the Superman of the “Man of Steel” is the Jesus we wish Jesus would be”. Interesting and thought provoking.

As most know the new Superman movie has now been released.  The new Superman is done with great flourish and spectacular effects.  You know, flying, bang, kerpow, whamo… all the great Superman stuff from my boyhood days.

But in my boyhood days, being the good little boy that I was and made to be obedient by my good parents… apparently I was oppressed. My strict conservative, evangelical upbringing placed me in jeopardy with the world around me.

According to Mr. Jensen’s interpretation, Superman and I have a lot in common. We were suppressed from being “the real me” – or who we should have been with all our colossal powers!

I never thought that I was oppressed or suppressed… I just thought I was always me. And being me I made choices – some good and others … well… I still have to deal with the thoughts of stupidity in my life.

Superman and me are the same.  I can intervene and give my best… and never think twice over it. I can correct the wrong around me by telling someone that should be told and then intervention can be done.

I just never thought of Superman having deep thoughts about his past… or how he was brought up. After all he was a cartoon character. He was not real… until a movie was made about him… bringing him to life.  And then as more movies are being made the cartoon character was made into a real person that contains all the hang ups that real people have.  And from what Mr. Jensen wrote – it is likely the churches and the people that taught there – fault.

But the title of the article is what caught my attention.  “Why the Superman of the “Man of Steel” is the Jesus we wish Jesus would be”  What a cool thought.

I know many of my friends that are not ‘church-ified’ and wanted nothing to do with my religion asked lots of question when 9-11 took place. One openly chided me wanting to know why ‘my Jesus’ allowed this to happen.

Superman wouldn’t allow that to happen.  Superman would have caught the bad guys before their plot was every completed.  Because you see Superman is almost, if not actually, God! At least that is the way that we would love him to be.

AND if I pray to God he will be there just like Superman would be… if he were real… and if God was real too… Not doubting at all but voicing what many think.

Jeff Jensen you made me think. And no I have not yet seen the movie or felt the internal confusion that poor Superman has felt.

Mark my words… there will soon be Sermons written about this man of steel… this wannabe Jesus.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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