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Whale One – Man Zero – game over

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Whale One – Man Zero – game over

I love canoeing. Gliding along the top of the shimmering water is the most peaceful thing in the world. Can you imagine that with me for a few moments.

Sliding along in a kayak is cool as well… closer to the water and even more streamlined than the fiberglass vessel I have.  Can you picture that as well?

Now one more for the imagination station of your mind… move up to a little larger vessel… say a 22-foot Grady-White vessel – now that would be amazing – WOW!

It was amazing for Ray Boyd as well, right up until the water below him exploded with the fury of a volcano. At that moment he was propelled forward through his windshield on the boat, knocked unconscious and in terrible pain. He was able to make it to shore and get help after the “explosion” – from what the story writer stated.

The story suddenly change one of “my bucket list” things to do before I die.

Ray Boyd’s boat which is about 22 feet long had been in the way of a breaching hump back whale – likely about 45 feet(15 meters) long and weighing in at 88,184 pounds (40 tonnes).

Whale One – Man Zero – game over.

While I feel for Ray and know that he has gone through extensive surgery – I also feel for the whale.  For thousands of years they have done their breaching – and there has been no boats or men above them.

The writer, Sian Thomson, in his article Man injured when whale, boat collide” states that – quote “"This accident is a good reason for people to take notice," said Christie McMillan, president of MERS which is conducting research on the resurgence of humpbacks. "These whales surface unpredictably and they seem to be oblivious to boats."

Humpback whales breach for a variety of reasons, to relieve themselves of parasites, to scare off predators and probably just for fun and games.” End quote.

Whoa! Change the “Bucket List”!

It has given me a whole new thought about the glistening bay, shimmering waters, gliding through the quiet waters. Do this I am sitting in a very small water craft and I am not a fish… but a man that has to work at swimming.

Ray Boyd I certainly feel for you bro… and hope you are on the mend.

Bucket List item “Go whale watching up close..” is also lower on the list now.  I am changing it to whale watching from a distance with a Telephoto Lens on my camera!

Thanks Sian for a great report!

 ~ Murray Lincoln ~

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