Monday, May 6, 2013

Family Laughter – oh what fun

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Family Laughter – oh what fun

Last evening my youngest daughter and her family welcomed us to their home.  “Grandpa and Grandma visits” are regular at this house filled with teenagers… four of my grandsons.

Laughter began the minute we came through the door.  My sister Pat had not seen our daughter and son-in-law since their wedding day, 20 years ago.  What fun that reunion was.

My sister had not seen the boys other than in family photos. These cute little boys are no longer little boys. They are gentle giants and full of fun.  I use the word giants because three of the four are now much taller than I am.

My grandson Jonathan asked me a simple question last night, “Grandpa when did you get so short?” And we then both laughed loudly.  Grandpa was always the tall man in his life that did stuff with the boys.

After he asked that question he gave me a big brotherly, side hug with the huge arm and hand. I slid my arm around his waist which is about my shoulder height… and hugged him back.

Over these past few weeks it has become even more evident how important family is to me and my wife.  We have had three weeks of mixing relatives with each other… and we are in the mix.

How do you sum it all up?  I think that it is simply described as “JOY” – real Joy!!!

I cannot remember when we have been so happy for so many days in a row.  Work and problems with work have kept our family far apart for a long time. That doesn’t happen when you are retired – you have time and can sit and enjoy each other.

Wow!  What an adventure these weeks have been.

As some of my cousins and Aunts & Uncles read this today… I want to thank you for being who you are and being there for me all these years.  And thank you for these wonderful weeks.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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