Monday, May 20, 2013

The Crazy Cookies, the Frog Prince and The Dreamers Café

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The Crazy Cookies, the Frog Prince and The Dreamers Café


Yesterday I ate one of the 92,000 Crazy Cookies that have been sold from the Dreamers Café in Port Hope, Ontario.  Mmmm MMm MM! There is nothing like this cookie in all of Canada, North America or maybe even the WORLD.  This is the perfect cookie.

But we didn’t start with the cookie, the cookie was dessert.  Our Main Course was a Gigantic Piece of Apple Pie a la mode. And it is the biggest piece of pie that you find anywhere.  It is way more than one person can possibly eat alone. So we share.

The Dreamers Café is situated on the corner of Walton and Queen Street in Downtown Port Hope.  With its Victoria style decoration inside and its wrought iron tables & chairs outside, it is totally unique in every way.

We discovered the Dreamers Café while searching for Antique shops on an afternoon drive. While wondering through the area it seemed like a good idea to have a hot coffee that afternoon. That is when we walked into Roger Bernard’s unique place.  You can read more about Roger and his delightful place at

I also began another adventure in the world of “restorative art” at the Dreamers Café as well. As part of the Victorian décor there is a Frog Prince that supervises and oversees all of the events and visitors at the Dreamers Café.  Somehow a child was playing with the Frog Prince and smashed his face. A huge chunk fell from the dear Prince’s cheek.  Being made of a finely, poured clay it didn’t take much to mess him up. But at the present moment in time he is resting in the Misty Hollow hospital for tired and broken critters.  His cheek is healing very well.

This week his cheek will look like new again. And I will be back at the Dreamers Café having one more Crazy Cookie with a hot cup of coffee.

I can’t wait.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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