Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Emotional Swing Day

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The Emotional Swing Day

Today is a “Swing Day” for my wife and myself. And no, it is not the old dance or music that was so popular in our parent’s day!  It is the swing day of emotions.

In the morning I am officiating the funeral for my friend’s mother in Halliburton Ontario.  As in other situations similar to this there are deep emotions and family tensions/dynamics that come into play.  Officiating or conducting a funeral is no small chore when you are dealing with the deep feelings and loses that the folk are facing.

The lady that passed away was not a church goer but yet a very solid and stable moral force in her family.  She lived as a better “Christian” than some Christians in church live. Her life was a solid example of how people should live – and on the Golf Course she did her best examples of fairness and encouragement.

My life is about words and today I will share many at this deep time of sorry… but I will also listen to people tell the story of Betty’s life.

But there is more still… and more words to share

As soon as the service is complete we head to the next emotional happening – further to the south.

By 4 PM I will be installing my Sculptures and Art that I have created in an Art Gallery in Brighton, Ontario.  And following that I am to be a guest speaker at a meeting of the artists in that area.

This week is the beginning of whole new adventure of my Misty Hollow’s art work and future approach into the artistic world. Today is the start of the rest of my life – WOW! What an opportunity!

Already I am on a high that is blowing my mind completely.  Can it get any better?

So now you can get a glimpse of my “Swing Day” from one emotion to the next!

Now what should I say at each setting?  Will the words be enough?  What a day this is going to be!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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