Thursday, May 30, 2013

The day I went blind and my life changed

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The day I went blind and my life changed

The morning schedule doesn’t vary much for me.  Get up, use the bathroom facilities and get ready for my first step… the computer work and my blogging.  It never changes much except if we are traveling and the early start makes it impossible and the routine is broken.

Now the setting that I work in is changing I know. I am getting older and the starting of a new day sometimes has a few more pains and the odd time body parts fail me… at least fail to begin working immediately.  All of you older folks know that well.

Further to set the scene for my post today, I am often confronted with accounts of people my age experiencing cataclysmic health issues. Things like an early morning heart attack, a sudden brain problem like a stroke or something worse with their vision.

Well the “cataclysmic” happened to me two mornings ago.  I have avoided telling my friends and have not called to ask for prayer (I believe in prayer) because I didn’t want to cause any concern.  And I didn’t wake my wife – it was too early!

I came from the bathroom and headed to my computer and looked at the screen… there was something terribly wrong with my vision. My right eye would not work properly at all.  The left eye was very good but the right vision was terribly blurred.  I moved closer to the screen and then further from the screen – and the vision was just as blurry.

I looked around the room to see if there was a difference.  Nope the same thing was happening – I couldn’t see well with my right eye.  Something terrible had happened inside my head. I just knew it. Worse yet my head and eyes began to hurt in a strange way… it was beginning to ache. “Oh no, not today!” was my first thought. “I have a ton of work to do on the computer and I need to see!” Panic was rising and my anguish was matching the panic.

“Maybe I should get my wife up and we can head to the hospital to get some kind of shot. If I am having the early warning signs of having a stroke, the shot that have available now will make the stroke affects far less. Maybe if that is done I will not be paralysed or worse yet lose my vision.” I thought over and over again.

As these thoughts flew through the room as well as around my brain… my eyesight worsened… the dull ache in my head became worse.  I was now in a full state of panic!

I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes… massaging them to make it all better.  I looked up and still the vision was not good and the pulling sensation in my eyes was worse on both sides now.  Oh God it is really happening! I am losing my vision!

I cannot tell you all of the hundreds of thoughts that raced through my mind in those moments of panic.  I thought of the carvings that I had promised people… they would not get done. I thought of the orders for my art work… these would not be filled. I thought of my own driving and the fact that it might all be over soon!!! I thought away too much.

Rubbing my aching eyes again I reached for my glasses. Oh NO! I put the glasses on and the problem seemed worse. The left eye came into perfect vision again and the right was useless!

I pulled my glasses off again and discovered that the right lens had fallen out sometime during the night…maybe just after I put them down on the table and laid my book on top of the glasses!

There was no lens in the right side! No wonder I was nearly blind on that side!!!

I started to laugh and then I told myself how stupid I was for the PANIC and the silly thoughts.

Oh boy.

For the last two days I have carefully laid my glasses down with nothing on top of them.  I have been checking each morning to see if the lens is there. And the morning that this happened I took the glasses to the man at the eye wear place and he fixed them. 

Oh boy – Oh boy double over!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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