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Way to Go Mitsubishi – that think Bullies are cool

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Way to Go Mitsubishi – that think Bullies are cool

Do you recognize this little idiot!? He is now appearing on your TV Screen.

How about these Photos? He is wearing a logo on his shirt.

Do you see what he is doing?  Still shots don’t really show what he does – or is…  Well he is part of a new TV Ad series… hang on it gets better.

My Reaction…

At times I wonder what the Big Corporations are thinking when they make the TV Advertisements that they do!  And today I have a Winner of the “Most Ignorant TV Ads” – the “MITA” Award.

There are the “Most Stupid Ads” and “The Ugliest Ad” – “MSA” and “TUA” – but the “MITA” surpasses these two.

The unique thing is the Big Company that has earned this award is deserving of the “MSA” and “TUA” for another TVAd as well.

But the “MITA” is earned for two consecutive TV Ads – imagine one right after another! Super Stupid “MITA”!

The Big Company is Mitsubishi – the car company with the “MITA” Ads.

The Mitsubishi Company apparently thinks Bullying is great. They think that featuring a Bully to portrait their product is cool.


Their first Ad in the Bullying Series that can be seen as Mitsubishi's 10th Anniversary - Don't forget - Squash on YouTube.

Their second Bullying Ad can be seen only on TV at this point but it will eventually reach the YouTube as well.  It features the same little Bully showing up in a Restaurant at the table to a couple enjoying a meal together.  She is pregnant… he is about to take a bite of his food… I think it is toast with jam on it… and the Bully, interrupting the couple’s time together… stares at the guy in his threatening way… then takes the food from his hand and eats it.

In the first TV Ad the little Bully grabs the Squash Ball and walks away from the players – the message being they are to remember the 10th Anniversary of Mitsubishi being in Canada Sale.

When the first Ad came on TV I switched channels – each and every time!

Now they have the little Bully doing it again.

Take a look at his face again.  He is an idiot and a Bully!  He intimidates and threatens people. He takes their things and then his glare threatens to be back again – to do even more damage.

How in the Heck did I read all that into Mitsubishi’s TV Ad?

I am 69 years old. I am able to buy any car today. I am a customer.  But in the early years I had little Bullies in my life… guys just like the little twerp that threatens the guy on the squash court... takes ball… and walks away.  I had little Bullies like this guy that took my food… slapped my head when I wouldn’t react to his tactics… and I HATE BULLIES!

I have hated Bullies ever since they made my life pure Hell.  It happened in many grades and many times.  It makes me cringe today as I think back at the treatment they gave me freely – but at a great cost to my personhood.

I was shorter than others in school. I was the perfect target for little Bullies and big Bullies.  And they all seemed to know who I was… and they found me.

Way to Go Mitsubishi Ad company – you have made the flash backs very real… and I now HATE YOU TOO!!

I promise you dear Mitsubishi car company that I will never buy a Mitsubishi vehicle – NEVER EVER!  They might be the best thing that has ever come along – but you guys are now Bullies and I HATE BULLIES!

And your TV Ads have made that horrific feeling, that gut churning, gut wrenching, gut hurting feeling come back – all over again.  It has made me react – but not in the way that I hoped to be reacting 60 years later.

The Bullies of long ago traumatised me… now your stupid TV Ads have done it again.

Have you got the message yet Mitsubishi – Bullies are not cool… this is anything but funny!

Nope this post has not made me feel better.  It has just helped me send a better message to the IDIOTS at Mitsubishi – the guys that think Bullies are funny or can get away with anything.

Oh I know that the dude portraying the Bully is an actor… but if I ever see him I cannot guarantee my personal reactions will be cool… I may just grab a trash can and dumb it on him.  You see I am no longer the little guy in the class.

And to the 202,799 pages of this Blog read by a lot of people – I hope that this posting will catch folks attention and you too will send Mitsubishi a loud and clear message – Bullying is not cool nor is it funny – and it will not sell cars!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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