Monday, May 13, 2013

Holy Crapola.. another Email Scam

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Holy Crapola.. another Email Scam

So the email reads…

Hi murray.linc4i, 
So far, you have earned $235.97 since you started utilizing IPL. 
Watch the video to learn about IPL.
Your March IPL processing fee remains due. You'll want to 
pay your processing fee immediately to protect your account and money.
Please note that if your processing fee has not been paid by May. 13, 2013, a penalty will be added to your processing fee.

Amount due if paid before May. 13, 2013: $13.53 
Amount due if paid on or after May. 13, 2013: $17.06 
Did you know? 
You can protect your earnings and avoid manual payments by setting up 
Automatic Account Protection . It’s a free service!

Can you imagine this? I have earned $253.97 since I began utilizing “IPL”!!!  I was as surprized as you may be if you were sitting in front of my computer screen.  I have money somewhere. But if I don’t pay a “processing fee” – which is $13.53 by the May 13 (today) it will go up to $17.06.

Holy Crapola!  If I don’t do something I will be charged more. I hate being charged more I need to pay this now… engage the “panic mode” into full flight mode!  Go – Go – Go – Go – NOW!

Whoa! Crash! Bash and BOOM!

I don’t have an account with these guys or gals. I have never registered with them or anyone else. There is no $253.97 and as to owing $13.53 today or $17.06 tomorrow – that is Crapola!!!

What a cotton picking new scam!  How many idiots will fall for this one today… or have fallen yesterday?

I guess there are idiots that out there and there folk like this that have realized it. There is an idiot born everyday… or is that every minute. Whatever… there are lots of idiots.

Now you will notice that I have removed the hyperlinks in the email that invite you or me to click here to find out more information. I wouldn’t let you get hoodwinked into this one.

How did I get the email?  Well a friend of mine in Vancouver, B.C. clicked on to a link one time. In turn the scammers got into her email account – discovered my email and sent me the “come on information” – so that I would then start clicking too. I didn’t click on to anything.

That was about six months ago. They, the scammers, are smart however. They do not hound you but leave long pauses between the last email and this one. There is enough time for you to still remember that they had contacted you in the past at some point. You do remember that your account is growing and that they say you have money in “your bank” with them.  And now you owe them money for WHAT!!!?

I write about it today to let you know that YOU SHOULDN’T CLICK ON TO ANYTHING THAT SEEMS SUSPICIOUS!

“If it is too good to be true – it is likely not true”… a simple adage but very good to remember.

Good luck if they got to you!  Good luck too if you think there is money there for you.  Good luck – next time.

Mind you, I do have a deal for you. It is an investment in my retirement. If you will send me a mere $1.75 this week – or the better rate of $4.00 per month. I will pray for you… that you will become rich too. Honestly – I will.

Now… whoa… look at the top of the email… my email address is not “murray.linc4i “

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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