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Manne and Lois Idestrom need our help

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Manne and Lois Idestrom need our help

Manne and I are connected by marriage.  We have known about each other for a number of years, but until he married into our family I never really go to know him personally. Manne is my friend now.

He is also a gifted musical artist with a passion for sharing his abilities and talents with a world outside of his own. In fact the entire world is in his vision.

This summer if all goes well he will travel with his family and group “Jubilance Singers and Orchestra” to Iceland, Bulgaria, Germany and Switzerland.  This is planned for the month of August.

It seems easy to write this but is far from easy to accomplish this.  It is taking a great deal of effort to get this latest World Tour together. How can he ever do it?  I am not sure that I could do it – and I am younger than Manne!

But for 30 years Manne’s group, “Jubilance Singers and Orchestra” has been covering the entire World sharing their message of joy to many lands and people. Wherever they have gone they have blessed the people in their audience.

You can read Manne’s bio by clicking on this link. He married Gunvor in 1960 and together they had three wonderful children that have grown to become talented leaders in their own worlds.

Tragedy struck Manne’s life.  After the loss of his wife Gunvor in 1992 he kept ministering… even when he received little or no support from “church officials”.  I know that part of his story well.

In 1999 Manne married Yvette, together they had a little boy Zachariah (Zach).   Tragedy again struck Manne’s life when Yvette passed away in 2004.

In 2006 he married Lois. Manne brought with him into this new marriage his 6 year old son Zach.  Lois brought with her, her mother who was in her late 90s.  Together the four of them built a new family.

Through all the tragedies and the delight of each family Manne continued with his vision to reach out to the World as a talented composer and director of sacred music.

How are we connected then?

Well it is through Lois, our fellow grandparent… my son-in-law Bill Rourke’s, Mom.

Lois, also a very talented and capable musician, has known life that has had its own share of struggles too.

It was 47 years ago, when she was 5 months pregnant, her husband Bill was flying his aircraft in the mountains of British Columbia with a fellow pastor.  Bill and Lois were the pastoral team as a talented young couple in Prince George, B.C.  That fateful day his aircraft went down because of a downdraft off a mountain and both pastors were killed.

Lois remained 40 years without marrying, looking after her “little Billy” and also her own parents, Harold and Wynona Barnes.

Lois and Manne’s stories are both unique and filled with much intrigue.

Now as Senior Citizens they are World Travelers and involved in their greatest dream together – Music!

I am writing this piece today to introduce you the reader and perhaps follower of this Blog to an amazing couple that need your support.

Recently Manne produced a new CD entitled, “Live from the Livingroom”. He sat at his own piano in his living room and played these beautiful old pieces or sacred music just for us to enjoy – forever!  In every way the CD has captured his talent and ability.

Why create a CD now at this stage of his life?

Well through the sale of this CD now Manne is raising money for his venture this summer, when he will take Zach and Lois along with him to Iceland, Bulgaria, Germany and Switzerland.  Each member of the group Jubilance must raise their own support for each trip they make – and Manne is no different.


The CD is given to each contributor for a $25 donation.  With the $25 donation you will receive a CD and a $20 tax-receipt for your income tax.

For a gift of $100 or more you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount and also a CD.

This is a great bargain – believe me. There is way more than $25 worth of great listening on this CD!!!  We bought one and are thoroughly enjoying it!!!!

Why not buy six or more – one for each of your friends for Christmas!!!?

I enjoyed it so much that I created a short video that gives you an opportunity to hear Manne playing on his 75 year old piano – by simply clicking here “Live from the Livingroom”.

My dream is to help the Idestroms raise the money they need as soon as possible.  As of a few days ago they are at the halfway mark of the approximately $6000 that they need.

Their contact information is

Manne and Lois Idestrom
Jubilance Ministries Inc.
19 Brent Road,
Holland Landing, Ontario, L9N 1R9
Telephone 905-830-1908
Email - Manne and Lois Idestrom

Help me help the Idestroms!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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