Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Abuse of the Elderly at St Joseph at Fleming – and the other Senior’s Care Homes in Peterborough

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Abuse of the Elderly at St Joseph at Fleming – and the other Senior’s Care Homes in Peterborough

I am sickened today with the videos that I watched and the reports that were presented by the Media.  A senior lady was abused and hurt by a “care worker” at St. Joseph at Fleming, a long term care facility in our area.

The “care worker” was relieved of her duties with pay.  Go figure – they were still paying this dear lady – the “care worker” – after taking her out of duty.  Paying for what? More abuse – or because they are afraid of a lawsuit?

But the reports are flying now and perhaps she is not being paid at all. Who knows?  You cannot find out anything at all because it is all covered.

The one video showing a Ministry of Health and Long Term care turning her back and refusing to look at the video just about summed it all up. That is what the officials have done for a long time.  The Ontario Government has continually cut back expecting more to be done with less.

Ta Da!  Here dear Liberals of Ontario are your final test results. We told you it would happen and now it has… and your official walk away with her hand waved in a dismissive way.

That part was even more disconcerting than the “care worker” shoving the shitty wipe in the resident’s face!

People are outraged that it happened to this dear lady.

Well folks wake up. It happens in a lots of senior’s homes. These folk work for next to nothing and work alone – under lots of pressure. They need their smoke breaks and their own relief from stupid old people that keep crapping in their pants.  And these people are pissed!

I know of at least two other stories that come to mind right now – that happened to parents of friends of mine.

The home they were in was one of the best.  But fortunately the dear old people are dead. The family members never have to go back to see the abuse or possible results of abuse again. They mourn for their mom or dad… and never see the idiots that forced their parents to do horrible things.

Horrible things?

Yep – like put my friend’s mom up against a wall, away from others, when she was eating. The reason?  Well you see the old gal can’t remember anything… won’t talk… and most likely won’t cooperate with the “care worker” that needed her smoke break!

Why didn’t she complain about it? Well the daughter did.  And at great risk. If the daughter is not there the great risk is that the “care worker” will abuse her mother in retaliation.

Thank God – Mom is dead!

But what about the others in that home that have to stay alive for some reason or other – and the very same workers still work there!  GOD HELP these residents!

And that home where my friend’s mom at was not the one where the “care worker” shoved the dirty wipe in the face of the old lady.

Dear “Care Worker” – you disgust me!

Dear Officials of the Government – you disgust me even more!  You let it happen.

So why do I care?  I have been one of the local volunteers that regularly speak about Elder Abuse.  Go figure – you can talk until you are blue in the face and none of it gets through… until someone puts a hidden video camera in the room… then everyone blames someone else.

Come on idiots – get your act together.

My turn will be coming soon. And if any of you think for one minute you will treat me like that – Gog Help YOU!

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Then shake your head!!!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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