Friday, May 10, 2013

Facing Life’s Challenges with my friends

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Facing Life’s Challenges with my friends

A tough week for sure!

Two ‘Mondays’ have changed my friend’s lives.

On Monday April 29, one of my friends had an operation on his shoulder to repair some damage and make life a little easier.  For six weeks he is not supposed to do anything with his right arm.  It is frustrating for him to say the least. A very active man, that has been sidelined by a simple operation.

On Monday May 5, another one of my friends faced a seemingly simple moment in his life as well.  His mother entered the same hospital as my other friend did on the 29th.  She went through the same operation – exactly.  She was looking forward to having this repair done on her shoulder so that this summer’s golf season would be something she could enjoy. The pain would be gone and all would be well.

However in the second person’s situation it wasn’t to be the same.  On Wednesday, while still in the hospital, she had a heart attack and died. Her life was over at just 74 years old.

These two simple operations have changed two family’s experience forever.

I have been doing a lot of thinking over these past few days as I think of four people that are close to me.  Winston and Brenda, Chad and his mom… have left a deep impression on my life.  I am almost the same age category as the two patients.  And I am close to all of them.  Life’s tragedies and complications are close to me – and my friends.

Yes it is a head trip for me. I am not suffering the pain that each of these folks may be suffering. I am only their friend. But I am feeling deeply what will happen to me when my turn comes to experience the surgery or deep loss following the departure of a loved one.

The one amazing thing that is taking place in each family’s experience is that dedicated and supportive friends are there in each case.  These friends have come through to help in ways that are absolutely super!  Thank God for friends!!!

Today I am praying for Winston so he would heal fast. I am praying for Brenda that she will not be driven crazy with the load of care that she needs to lay out for her man (ahem). And I am praying for Chad, one of my adopted sons, that he will know comfort with the loss of his mom – who was his business partner, a friend and someone that he could always go to when trouble came along.

And today I am thinking a lot about my own life and what may come along. Yesterday while in my Doctor’s Office for my annual checkup I heard good news.  “You are doing well. Your Blood Pressure is great, heart sounds good, lungs are clear.  Keep up whatever you are doing.” My kind Doctor stated.

Oh boy… blood tests are this morning… I am hungry beyond words and the waiting room will be filled with coughing and sneezing people ready to give me their germs… “Routine tests” he said… Oh boy.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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