Sunday, May 19, 2013

Are you ready for “Google Glass”

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Are you ready for “Google Glass”

Two days ago I wrote of Mayor Rob Ford’s latest dilemma with the video tape that was made of some guys smoking Crack Cocaine.  The folk selling the video want a lot of money.  The fact came out in the video that Mayor Ford heard the cell phone ring and stated, “That thing better not be on…” – referring to the cell phone.

Well hang on Mayor Ford and/or anyone else that doesn’t wish to video taped or put on to any electronic devise.  Here comes “Google Glass”.

Here is a photo of a dude wearing the new apparatus.

Can you believe that?

We older folks thought it was something else when the Dick Tracy Watch was suggested in the comics of long ago. Then we lived long enough to actually see and perhaps even use a mechanism that is right out of the comics.

But now they have a new gismo that ride on your glasses – or perhaps acts like your glasses (or looks like). With a simple action to activate it the camera on board will record and then transmit whatever you are looking at.

Watch out Mayor Rob.

There was a song that we sang away back in Sunday School that stated or warned my body parts of what was happening(way past 69 years ago).  It simply stated, “Be careful little hands what you do, be careful little hands what you, there’s a Father up above, looking down in love, be careful little hands what you do.”  Then we added more body parts to the verses that followed – etc.

“Google Glass” will be transforming some dates that people go on. They will add to the casino business or take from it. And so on…

Can you think back over the last few days to all that you saw?  When you looked was it the same place that others were looking?  Or was it something that you shouldn’t have look at?

I know I saw some things that were not so good for my appetite… oh boy!

“Here is looking at you” has a whole new connotation.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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