Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maintaining a Merry Heart is good medicine

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Maintaining a Merry Heart is good medicine

La La La…  skipping across my yard with my fingers in my ears… loving the flowers and grass.  Yep – fingers in my ears so I can’t hear about the problems.  Nope it doesn’t work but it made me feel better when I laughed at myself.

And that is my point today. When the laughter stops so does life that is worth living.

A young man sat with me the other evening and poured out his stuff. He wasn’t laughing… and hadn’t laughed for a long time. Relationships had been bad and losses for him had been great.  But together we laughed a little.

My Workshop has a small bit of laughter tucked away inside. I keep it bottled up in me personally and somehow try to squeeze it in to the conversation.  It is my “merry heart”… and for the most part that is why people come for a little bit of it… so they feel a wee bit better.

Another great possibility is just beginning to unfold…WOW!  I can be a Presbyterian for one day here and there.  Another church has been looking at us to come to help from time to time as a Pastoral change is happening for them.  I grinned from ear to ear.

Someone sent a ridiculous email that made me burst out laughing… that was fun.

I flipped over to YouTube and was delighted by the most insane video ever.  But then I found 5 more before I had to get on with life. I laughed out loud to myself and loved it.

Why do these things? Why look at things that are funny? Why bother?

Well my own “merry heart” needs some recharging… and there is no better way to have that happen, than with a good joke.

I remember my Dad who used to be filled with hundreds of Reader’s Digest stories and jokes.  He would pop them out every once in a while when no one expected them… then laugh like crazy.  Why did that happen?  I think that the amount of things that he carried personally and the stuff he had to deal with almost overwhelmed him at times. As I think back I know some of the stuff he had to deal with.  He didn’t run away but rather made sure that his “merry heart” was still merry.

Learning to laugh has been invaluable. Keeping the laughter going has been priceless. Building the laughter again has taken time.

Thanks Dad.  I can see now what you gave me by way of example.  What you gave me is worth a million bucks this week… or maybe a billion bucks.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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